Friday, April 9, 2010

Five things they won't tell you at Lee Day

Lee Day. Physical Plant has been going crazy for the past few weeks in preparation for this magnanimous preview event. We have to put our best foot forward, right? Of course, right!

Having been at Lee for three years now, though, I feel it is my responsibility to bring a little bit of understanding to the wonderful little prospective freshmen.

Allow me to do this by presenting to you five things about Lee's campus that they probably don't share with you at Lee Day.

5. You really need to choose a major before your junior year, even if you're just going to try it out. Hypothetically, they tell you that you can spend your first two years completing the core requirements then worry about your major courses. Unless you love Lee so much that you want to be a fifth year senior, I'd suggest at least attempting some major courses your freshman/sophomore year. Something to keep in mind during that advising appointment this weekend.

4. Once you're a student, you no longer have those wonderful reserved parking spots. It's every man for himself when it come to finding a place to park (especially since our parking lots keep turning into construction sites).

3. The campus is indeed beautiful, but everything has a price. Be prepared to be awakened at 6:30 a.m. by leaf blowers if your future home is near the Ped Mall. Also, go ahead and start taking note of where all the sprinklers are. They have a tendency to turn on at random points of the day and night. You might consider pre-planning alternate routes if you are against getting a bit wet.

2. Enjoy the good dining hall food while it lasts. It is a commonly known fact that the food in the dining hall is conspicuously better during Lee Day and Frontline events.

1. Lee is not a crime-free environment. We live in the Lee Bubble, but we are not a gated community. Bikes get stolen, property goes missing; Campus Safety can only do so much. It's a Christian campus, but you should still practice caution. I suggest buying a good bike lock (if you plan on bringing a bike) and a reliable keychain (so that you'll remember to lock your doors).

I love my school, and I honestly couldn't see myself anywhere except Lee for my undergraduate experience. And I'm so glad that the Lee Day students are thinking about joining us as Pyromaniacs. Just be prepared for the adventure of your life when you come to campus in the fall. Enjoy your weekend, Lee Day visitors!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Softball Interviews

The Lee University Softball team is on fire this season with a record of 35-3! Here are some excerpts of a few players talking about this historical season.

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