Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks for saying thanks

While working as a temp in the Lee university bookstore, I have witnessed various student reactions to the price and size of books. This semester I was able to witness another student reaction. Due to new anti-theft policies we were no longer allowed to use a credit card number and experation date that a student had written down. Instead the student had to call the cardholder and have them give me the number.

Since many students did not know about the bookstore's new policy they had to call their parents or grandparents to have them give me the credit card information. After the second time I noticed something. When I would had the phone back to the student they would simply say "I'll talk to you later. Bye." No thank you, no graditute of any kind.
If someone had just spend over one hundred dollars on anything for me you better believe I would say thank you.
The next day I worked another student had to call a parent to get a credit card number, however this time when I handed back the phone the student thanked the parent on. After the student had hung up I thanked him for thanking his parent and told him he was the first one to do so.
I was raised to always say thank you for everything I was given. Now that I have grown up I see thank you has a very important form of appreciation. People know you appreciate the things they do for you when you say thank you. When students are ungrateful, they do little to do away with negative stereotypes. If we want views of college students to change we can not let are actions reinforce negative steorotypes.

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