Friday, April 9, 2010

Five things they won't tell you at Lee Day

Lee Day. Physical Plant has been going crazy for the past few weeks in preparation for this magnanimous preview event. We have to put our best foot forward, right? Of course, right!

Having been at Lee for three years now, though, I feel it is my responsibility to bring a little bit of understanding to the wonderful little prospective freshmen.

Allow me to do this by presenting to you five things about Lee's campus that they probably don't share with you at Lee Day.

5. You really need to choose a major before your junior year, even if you're just going to try it out. Hypothetically, they tell you that you can spend your first two years completing the core requirements then worry about your major courses. Unless you love Lee so much that you want to be a fifth year senior, I'd suggest at least attempting some major courses your freshman/sophomore year. Something to keep in mind during that advising appointment this weekend.

4. Once you're a student, you no longer have those wonderful reserved parking spots. It's every man for himself when it come to finding a place to park (especially since our parking lots keep turning into construction sites).

3. The campus is indeed beautiful, but everything has a price. Be prepared to be awakened at 6:30 a.m. by leaf blowers if your future home is near the Ped Mall. Also, go ahead and start taking note of where all the sprinklers are. They have a tendency to turn on at random points of the day and night. You might consider pre-planning alternate routes if you are against getting a bit wet.

2. Enjoy the good dining hall food while it lasts. It is a commonly known fact that the food in the dining hall is conspicuously better during Lee Day and Frontline events.

1. Lee is not a crime-free environment. We live in the Lee Bubble, but we are not a gated community. Bikes get stolen, property goes missing; Campus Safety can only do so much. It's a Christian campus, but you should still practice caution. I suggest buying a good bike lock (if you plan on bringing a bike) and a reliable keychain (so that you'll remember to lock your doors).

I love my school, and I honestly couldn't see myself anywhere except Lee for my undergraduate experience. And I'm so glad that the Lee Day students are thinking about joining us as Pyromaniacs. Just be prepared for the adventure of your life when you come to campus in the fall. Enjoy your weekend, Lee Day visitors!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Softball Interviews

The Lee University Softball team is on fire this season with a record of 35-3! Here are some excerpts of a few players talking about this historical season.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Entertainment with a side of news

Today's society has an obsession with being entertained. This obsession has even permeated the way that we receive information. Time magazine's Web site has a video that features headlines put into a song. Check it out at

Although this is a cool idea, I think it brings up an interesting point. Has society gotten to the point where we only pay attention to what entertains us?
While many people would say it has, this would be unfortunate because many times the most important facts in life are not entertaining.

This is the rest of the post

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Impressions

There are many things that are unique about Lee University.
Geographically, Lee is an open campus with city streets running through the center of it. This creates unique opportunities for Cleveland to get a first impression of Lee University.

Although Lee has many events that are open to the public, attending one of these events may not be a person's first impression of Lee. Anytime someone drives through the campus for the first time, they are forming an opinion of Lee.

If the pedestrian students seem rude as they cross the street, this is the impression the driver has of all Lee students. If the pedestrian is thoughtful acknowledging the driver and smiling, then the driver has a better view of Lee students. Regardless of the clubs or activities, we are a part of we all are a part of forming Cleveland's opinions about Lee University.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lee vs Emmanuel 1/23/10

The Lee University Lady Flames took on the Emmanuel College Lady Lions on January 23, 2010.  Here's the recap...

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks for saying thanks

While working as a temp in the Lee university bookstore, I have witnessed various student reactions to the price and size of books. This semester I was able to witness another student reaction. Due to new anti-theft policies we were no longer allowed to use a credit card number and experation date that a student had written down. Instead the student had to call the cardholder and have them give me the number.

Since many students did not know about the bookstore's new policy they had to call their parents or grandparents to have them give me the credit card information. After the second time I noticed something. When I would had the phone back to the student they would simply say "I'll talk to you later. Bye." No thank you, no graditute of any kind.
If someone had just spend over one hundred dollars on anything for me you better believe I would say thank you.
The next day I worked another student had to call a parent to get a credit card number, however this time when I handed back the phone the student thanked the parent on. After the student had hung up I thanked him for thanking his parent and told him he was the first one to do so.
I was raised to always say thank you for everything I was given. Now that I have grown up I see thank you has a very important form of appreciation. People know you appreciate the things they do for you when you say thank you. When students are ungrateful, they do little to do away with negative stereotypes. If we want views of college students to change we can not let are actions reinforce negative steorotypes.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Readjusting to life at Lee

Returning to campus after a break always constitutes some readjustments in lifestyle for students.

Students must readjust to driving on a pedestrian campus, waiting in all the notoriously long lines, going to new classes and even walking to and fro across the campus.

Some students also have the changes that come with New Year's resolutions: going to the rec center, eating healthier, avoiding the dining hall, the list of possibilities is endless.

Personally, one of my greatest adjustments has been completely reversing my day-night schedule to accommodate my wonderful 8 a.m. and 7:45 a.m. classes that I'm required to take. Oh the joys of college life.

In this time of readjusting, though, it's important to not forget that, even when it seems like the world will never stop spinning, it's going to be okay. Here are a few tips on staying sane through whatever transitions you might face.

1. Breathe. Contrary to some beliefs, respiration is very vital to life. When you find yourself stressing out and thinking that you will never find a plausible solution, take a few moments to just stop and clear your head with a few long breaths. Remember, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

2. Write lists. Sometimes writing and categorizing tasks and possible solutions to problematic situations can help to better organize the information in your head. And sometimes, things just make more sense on paper.

3. Get some sleep. Sleep is the body's way to reboot after a long day and the mind's way to filter all the information that has been presented throughout the day. Yes, that homework assignment seems important, but you'll remember more of it and function better with even a little bit of sleep. Your professor and everyone who comes in contact with you will thank you for getting sleep and not acting like a walking zombie.

4. Find a way to relax. For some people, it's taking a walk. Others prefer watching movies. Some read books. Whatever you love to do, whatever can offer you a little escape from the stress, be sure to schedule time for that.

5. Stay healthy. Stress automatically lowers the immune system's ability to protect you. As winter is already a prime time to get sick, it might be advisable, even if you're not too stressed out, to find a vitamin supplement to give your immune system a boost. Especially for those of you living in the dorms, it has the potential to make a big difference in your semester. If you're not sure what kind of vitamin you should get, ask the pharmacist at Walgreens. I'm sure they'll be happy to help.

6. Ask for help. The Lee University Counseling Center is a great resource that is free to all students. If the pressure is just getting to be too much or perhaps you just want someone to talk to about your current plan of action, contact the counseling center to see about speaking to a counselor. Also, the center is offering different small group help this semester as well. Stop by the counseling center for more information.

7. Pray. My mother says this is always the first thing you should do, and I'm starting to see the truth in her advice. Nothing takes God by surprise, after all. And who better to help you in times of transition?

May all of you have wonderful semesters!

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