Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Cleveland earthquake

Whenever I think of an earthquake, I think of Saved By The Bell. You know that episode where Bayside throws Mrs. Belding a baby shower, and as she’s leaving, the school she gets stuck in the elevator, ends up going into labor and having the baby naming it Zack? That’s what I think when I hear the word “earthquake.”

All of the sudden, while sitting in church, about to do the closing prayer, I felt the rattling of pipes underneath the building. I turned to my friend and asked what it was.

“An earthquake,” he replied.

Yeah right.

But he was right.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 Cleveland, Tennessee experienced a 3.0 earthquake at exactly 12:01 p.m.!

That’s right! Cleveland had an earthquake, and most people did not even know it!

I would not have known if I had not checked Facebook and saw my worship pastor post that the rumble we felt at church was a in fact a earthquake.

I still did not believe it, so, like any good journalist, I searched it on Google. Sure enough, Cleveland had one.

My research showed that at least one earthquake happens in the world everyday, but we just do not hear about it unless it’s of a heavy magnitude.

On the bright side, I have another unique life experience to mark off my “bucket list.”

This blog was written by Leslie Hartman.

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