Monday, November 30, 2009

Voices of Lee to join in Sing-Off

We've all heard them. We all know that they are definitely a talented group of people. And now they're asking us to support them on a quest to show mainstream America what they're made of.

That's right, Voices of Lee is taking on the challenge and joining in The Sing-Off.

The Sing-Off, hosted by Nick Lachey, is a nation-wide hunt for the best a capella group in America. Viewers call in to vote for their favorite group over the course of the four night event, which culminates in the two-hour live finale on Dec. 21.

I love listening to a capella groups, and I love supporting Lee University's talented students, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and support Voices in The Sing-Off (even though it's so tempting to vote for the Puerto Rican group; if you watch the show, you'll see what I mean).

If you'd like to show your support for Voices of Lee in The Sing-Off, you can join the Facebook group here.

You can also go on the show's Web site and vote for Voices in the preliminary poll.

Just be careful and don't let the home page of the Web site confuse you like it did me.

For the record, the show premieres on Monday, Dec. 14.

Happy singing, Voices, and good luck!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sp0rts Bl0g - Issue 4

The sport's nation is so hyped about college football. Especially, around Lee, all I ever hear about is UT and Florida, Alabama and Auburn, LSU and Georgia and their chances this weekend. College football has truly swept the nation but it seems it's so much more popular in the "SEC Region"... as I like to call it. However, let me tell you why the OTHER college sport that just started this past weekend, college BASKETBALL, is the better sport for a fan and simply a better sport in general.

Now, any of you who have read any of my previous issues know I've already had my rant about how College football fails to qualify as a "fair" and "credible" sport... so I don't want to repeat that issue. But, I can't help but make it known that it's playoff system is completely flawed and it's disrespect to the smaller schools in the smaller conferences ruins the game must be mentioned once again. Let's move on to the sport that gets it right...

College Basketball. The same packed-house college atmosphere. The same community spirit feeling. The same crazy student section screaming their heads off during games. It's still college sports... the enthusiasm for basketball is just as great if not greater than the support for the football side of things. The thing that truly separates it from College football, and every other sport for that matter, is the field of 64 teams at the end of the year that get to duke it out for a chance at a championship. Yes, 64 teams get a chance at a championship... not 2... 64! Sounds much better doesn't it? Well, if you don't already know... it is.

The qualifications for the tournament are complicated and I don't want to bore you with it's statistics, but the point is... it's FAIR. Now, if you're asking me if teams are never disappointed or feel cheated when they don't get into the field of 64... that happens almost every year. There's always a handful of teams "on the bubble" that are either extremely happy or extremely sad depending on the Selection Committee's decision (once again, if you don't know the rules of the tournament, I encourage you to Google it). But the tournament of 64 teams brings on a sporting event unlike any other; MARCH MADNESS.

That's all I really have to say folks. March Madness... it's unlike any other. If you're not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and go check it out. Search YouTube videos of March Madness games... it'll blow you away. Some of the best basketball games you'll ever see. And that's the sports blog for ya...

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Friday, November 6, 2009

It's that time again!

I've been a Lee for four years now. Every year, we have to sign up for our classes for the next semester.

Especially this year, in my last semester, the decision of classes was the hardest. I mean, in a matter of 24 hours, I had to decide what classes I took in my last semester of my undergrad. ever.

Classes aren't a light decision for me, they are something I like to slowly take time to figure out and really give thought it.

You see, for me, I feel like Advanced Class Selection is like Christmas. Let me explain. I'm a big dork and I get really excited about picking new classes. Mainly because I like school supply shopping and picking classes gets me one step closer to school supply shopping.

Anywho, I feel like ACS always sneaks up on you, just like Christmas, you walk into the mall one day and, surprise, you feel like you missed the Christmas-decorating party.

The same with ACS, it's like, tada, it's time to register for classes..

At this point, seniors have already had their chance to register for classes first.
Juniors will be able to register through Nov. 10,
Sophomore's ACS will be open from Nov. 11 through Nov. 17
& Freshman's ACS will be open from Nov. 18 through Nov. 25.

Between Nov. 25 and Jan. 10, students will have the chance to confirm enrollment.

If you're still not sure how to get around portico and use Web adviser to build your class schedule, talk to your academic adviser or visit the online help guide at, here.

Also if you need more help, the records office suggests dropping them a quick e-mail. Comments/suggestions regarding registration, the add-drop process, Portico/WebAdvisor, or confirming enrollment? Email and let us know your thoughts. (Keep it brief, to the point, and just the facts—no blame, no drama. Please!)

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