Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tales of a Rockapella fanatic

For the past two years, I have faithfully been checking the Rockapella Web site every two weeks to see when they would be coming to my area (or at least somewhere remotely close to it). A few weeks ago, after two agonizing years and two failed attempts at attending a concert, my wait was OVER. ROCKAPELLA WAS COMING TO LEE!!!

I was never much into the boy bands growing up (even though I regretfully participated financially in the phenomenon). My mom’s generation had the Beatles and the current generation has the Jonas Brothers. I had Rockapella.

I am a hard core fan. I have all of their albums, except for one.

I have followed their career since their days on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" when I would watch the show every day and hear Rockapella say, “There’s one more thing you have to do! You know what is!” And I would shout at the T.V. screen, “DO IT ROCKAPELLA!” while my dad was trying to mimic their bassist at the time, Barry Carl.

When I found out that they were playing in the Dixon Center, I got worried. The Dixon Center isn’t that handicapped accessible. I try to avoid going to chapel there because the only way I could see is if I went up the elevator to the second floor and sat in the very back (where I can barely see a thing).

A week after I found out Rockapella was coming, I called to see if I could arrange something to where I would be seated so I could see. I worked something out.

I counted down the days to the concert and even dressed up the day of the concert. This was how much I was looking forward to it.

When the day finally came, it went by very slow and I was too excited to eat.

I arrived at the Dixon Center at 5:15 to get my ticket and decided to stay in the lobby till after the concert.

A few minutes before we were allowed inside the auditorium, one of the members, Scott Leonard bolted out of the auditorium to speak with the people at the front desk. This proved to be a good thing because during the concert Scott remembered me from the lobby and waved at me from on stage!

Once I got seated in the front row, it hit where I was at and how blessed I was. God allowed me to see my favorite group for FREE.

Then the show started. Rockapella was on stage singing their songs and I’m singing along.

Before the show ended, the guys announced that they were going to do a meet-and-greet in the lobby. I was thinking, “Praise the Lord! I don’t have to pull the disability card to meet them!” (I rarely pull the disabled card.)

Meeting Rockapella and attending their concert was a wonderful experience. The guys were very genuine and we had a nice conversation, despite almost running into two of them while purchasing the album I didn’t have.

As I told my dad, my life is complete and I can now die a happy woman.

This blog was written by Leslie Hartman.

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