Friday, October 23, 2009

Check your mailbox

Every time I go to my mailbox , I hope there will be something inside. Since I live three states away from home it is always nice to get a mail from my family. Sometimes it is just mail delivered to my home address that my parents think I might need. Yet, this semester I have been pleasantly surprised to receive at least three large envelopes from home.

For the past two months as I have gone to my mailbox in hopes of finding something there, I have noticed that the mailbox above mine has been full of mail.

There is an envelope in there that looks thick enough to be holding something important.

The ever-present mail has made me wonder. Does this person live off campus? Why else would someone not check their mailbox for two months? My curiosity is peeked by the unopened letters visible through the slot. Whenever this person finally does check their mail I hope they will not be disappointed to find time sensitive material inside.

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