Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One year and counting

After three years of hard work I have finally made it to the rank of senior. As I get used to the first semester with my new status , my thoughts run in a million different directions. Part of me is constantly looking ahead thinking about what kind of job I will have when I get out of college. Who will I work for? Where will I live? Do I have enough experience in my field?

Yet, another part of me looks back and wonders, “How did I make it here?” Every student has there “How I got to Lee” story and I am no exception. Basically, I wanted to attend a Christian school that offered journalism and was still close enough to home that I could drive back and forth.

The experience here has been great. I have learned so much about journalism in this past year. It’s amazing to me to think how little I knew, and how much I still have to learn before graduation. I have also learned a lot about life, and the way God works. What I had always heard is true. He does work in mysterious ways. When I think of all that has happened to bring me to this point, it truly is amazing.
However, right now I really just want to enjoy the moment I’m in. Being the news editor for the Lee Clarion and interning with the Cleveland Daily Banner are enough to keep my thoughts from wondering too far into the past or future. These positions remind me that this moment is determining the future that I’m planning. I want to enjoy every minute of my last year at Lee. I want to enjoy the friendships, the accomplishments, and the lessons.

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