Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alternatives to Chapel

Chapel is always a hot topic on Lee's campus.
Are you going to Dixon or Conn? Who's the speaker? Will you save me a seat?
However, there are also many students who are exempt from chapel because of work hours or because they are married. But what about the rest of us those, we who are busy in our own right and miss every now and then.
What if there was a way that you would never have to worry about being on chapel probation ever again?

No I am not suggesting that Lee suspend chapel services. Most of the time I enjoy chapel. What I'm suggesting actually requires a little more effort on the students part.

Every chapel service is recorded and available for download on the Lee University website for students to listen to. My proposal is that Lee give students a chance to "make up" missed chapels by listening to these podcasts.

However, Lee would need a way to keep track of the students that took advantage of this plan. Lee could develop a short quiz to go with each podcast. Just the basic points discussed, maybe even created from the speaker's notes. This way students would actually have to pay attention to the service, in exchange for getting a second chance at chapel credit.

Perhaps one day Lee will embrace such a plan, but for now all those who will be facing probation will just have to go to more services next month.

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