Monday, July 6, 2009

It's not a good month...

Lets face it. Being in the public eye in any form within the last month has only proved to lead to bad news.

Wonder how long this will continue.

Here in The Washington Times newsroom, we've come to expect deaths to come in groups of threes. After the most recent death of former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, it has rounded off the third group of three in the last month.

Here are a list of 'notable' celebrities that have died within the last month:

David Carrodine, 06.03.2009
Ed McMahon, 06.23.2009
Farrah Fawcett, 06.25.2009
Michael Jackson, 06.25.2009
Billy Mays, 06.28.2009
Fred Travalena, 06.28.2009
Karl Malden, 07.01.2009
Steve McNair, 07.04.2009
Robert McNamara, 07.06.2009

The crazy thing happens to be that there were only six significant celebrities that died in the first five months of the year.

The sad thing however, is that it's not only celebrities that have been under fire the last month.

The world of politics has been in an uproar also.

It all started when Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) admitted to having an affair on his wife with one of his staffer's wives, earlier in June. Then came Gov. Mark Sanford's (R-SC) disappearance from his home state of South Carolina, only to turn up after a trip to Argentina, it comes out later that day that he has been having an affair on his wife also. Next comes Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) and her surprise resignation.

Not even touching on the fact that Obama's approval rating has started to decline, only six months after being named the 43rd president of our great United States.

Beyond that, the news has been plagued with terrible images from election protests in Iran and now ethnic protests in China!

I must say, summers are usually slower for news to come in, however, this summer is something completely different. It's been a roller coaster ride, and we're only half way through.

I've heard that there has also been some news-making on Lee's campus as well.. don't worry it's been the good kind of news! Have you seen the AMAZING half-done Science and Math building that will be open for class in a little over a month?


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Didn't we have this problem last year?

I guess, students are more vulnerable during the summer months. Once we check out our brains for our three-month vacation, all hope is lost.. and all common sense for that matter.

Apparently, this is prime-time for making unsuspected students give e-mail account information and passwords away freely.

Assistant Director of IS&T Operations, Chris Golden sent an e-mail today to students across campus warning them of a e-mail scam asking students for their usernames and passwords, in order for Lee's IS&T department to gain access to their e-mail accounts for maintenance.

In the e-mail Golden urges students "Please. Please, do not give you password to anyone through email. Please. We can only do so much to protect you, we need your help. Please."

He stated that IS&T has other ways of accessing student's e-mail accounts for maintenance without asking for password. He asked if anyone is asked for their passwords and they think it is 'legit' to call him at 614-8536.

He then reminded, "Never give anyone your password."

The below message is an example of a spam message that Golden tells students not to respond to.

"This email is not from Lee University IS&T. If you have fallen victim to this phishing email, please reset your password immediately.
Subject: Please Confirm Your Account

Dear Lee University OWA Subscriber,

We are currently carrying-out a maintenance process to your Lee Email account. To complete this process you must reply to this email and
enter your Current User Name here ( ) and Password here ( ) if you
are the rightful owner of this account. Our Message Center will confirm your identity including your Secret Question and Answer immediately.

The new 2009 Lee Webmail is a fast and light-weight application to quickly and easily access your e-mail. This process will also help us to fight against spam mails. Failure to submit your password, will render your email address in-active from our database.

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your Lee Webmail account at:

NOTE: You will be sent a password reset messenge in next seven (7) working days after under going this process for security reasons.

Thank you for using Lee Webmail!"


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