Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet all about it

The AP Stylebook. The center of every good journalist's life. The writing bible. Extra reading for reporters. The holy grail.

In the most recent edition, the 56th update of the book, along with other modifications, the Associated Press added the word "Twitter" to the book.

I believe this gives us, as journalists, not only the right to tweet like there is no tomorrow, but now we can also talk and write about Twitter, or our tweets for that matter. And the best part about it is that we won't offend any Associated Press style police.

The Stylebook cites that the verb forms of the word "Twitter" are "to Twitter" or "to Tweet." According to the book, the word Twitter is a noun that "refers to the online social-networking mode that limits communications to 140 characters or less."

A full article about the announcement of the updated AP Stylebook can be read, here.

In fact, the AP Stylebook has its own Twitter, and has jumped nearly 1,000 followers since the news of the updated edition of the Stylebook was announced Tuesday night.

Follow the Associated Press Stylebook, by clicking here. From what I can tell, maybe they'll give you a few AP Style pointers when you're in a bind!

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