Sunday, June 7, 2009

Culture Shock.. sorta.

Let me start by saying... I MISS MY LEE BUBBLE.

Lets begin the story. The north is "infamous" for being a bunch of rude people... believe me, being from Ohio, I get teased relentlessly about how everyone in the north is rude... and I admit, we are not the nicest people. However, as I like to say, we just don't greet everyone who passes; no one really thinks it's rude, it's just how we do.

Therefore, this led me to believe that Ohio and the rest of the northern states were all the same.


I'm spending my summer in Washington D.C., on the Maryland side, and let me tell you.. folks just are not polite here. I'm sure they don't think they're being rude, but walking into a grocery store is like murder, no one moves out of the aisle for you to get through, INCLUDING the grocery store workers... you just have to find a way to go around them.

And they go beyond road rage in these parts... no one lets you over into the other lane when you have to merge, no one cares if you're lost and everyone is in a constant hurry.

Hopefully, I'll get used to it.

So don't be surprised if you come alongside of the girl from Ohio in her car who is rude and in a hurry.. it's just me being used to Maryland and D.C. drivers!

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