Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lee's summer benefits.

Summer is among us.

Lee's seniors graduated today, summer school starts in a few days, Facebook status updates reveal that everyone is either packing or cleaning, Cleveland is warming up and everyone is in a jovial mood.

For those of us still in Cleveland, I've heard many opinions. Some enjoying staying in Cleveland for the summer, some had no choice and some just like to complain about the fact that they failed their Old Testament class last fall, so they have to stay for summer school to retake the class.

This is my first time staying in Cleveland while school is no longer in session. One thing is for sure, it's weird not packing all of my junk into random bags and boxes, only to try to carry boxes three times my body weight down four flights of stairs, in order to pack my car and make the eight hour drive back to Ohio.

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However, I think I'm one of the Cleveland summer stayers who is glad about being here.

I now present to you:
Michelle's Top 5 reasons Lee's empty campus is not depressing

5. Wal-Mart trips:
I can finally make a trip to Wal-Mart without half of Lee's student body seeing me cringing my teeth and trying to be nice to all of the fellow Wal-Mart shoppers. Actually, I can, almost, confidently walk into Wal-Mart in pajamas, with bed hair without seeing a single person I know. Dear, I hope Dr. Conn doesn't shop at Wal-Mart over the summer!

4. No lines:
Forget waiting in lines at any of the campus hotspots over the summer. Well, that might be because they're not open as much, but when they are, lines in the PCSU food court, Jazzmans, any Cafe a la Cart, AND in the dining hall are to a minium.

3. Parker Street traffic:
This makes getting from the PCSU to the Health Clinic a small journey. Not only do we not have everyone and their mother making U-turns during class changes, but you don't have to worry about the flood of pederistians in a hurry trying to get from the Humanities Center to the Vest Building.

2. Parking tickets:
I mean, I'm not going to say it won't happen over the summer, but I've yet to get a parking ticket during a summer at Lee. The reason is probably due mostly in part to No. 1.

1. Prime Parking Spots:
Less students + Less classes = More parking spaces. Which allows everyone to get a halfway decent spot, leaving the need to park illegally null.

Lee's summer life is to die for, I'm telling you.

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