Friday, April 17, 2009

High hopes (and high costs) for Summer School

Upon checking my Lee mailbox this morning, I found a thrilling brochure all about Summer School courses.

I was about to throw this seemingly useless piece of paper into the recycle bin when I noticed four words that changed my attitude toward the advertisement: "Online or independent study."

I was actually really excited; there might actually be a way for me to get some of those pesky core classes out of the way without having to pay the extra money to live in Cleveland over the summer! Where can I sign up?

Then I noticed that one little detail was missing: cost.

I immediately decided to investigate further by visiting Lee's Web site. At the Business Office's page, I finally found an itemized bill for the summer sessions.

No wonder they didn't put the price on the brochure!

Thanks to the handy Lee University calculator provided on the Business Office page, I was able to compute that for me to take the two core classes I need that are available over the summer, I would be paying $2, 613. Not quite worth it to me.

What do you think? Is Summer School too expensive?

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