Friday, April 10, 2009

Southwest knows how to design airplanes

I must admit, I've been really excited to go home for Easter. I mean, I love all of the things that home brings – home-cooked meals, shopping sprees, friends, family, and everything good. But this time, I had another reason to want to go home.

I've gotten into a habit of flying home, for the fact that it's quicker and it saves some miles on my precious car (which, by the way, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary on Monday).

But this time it was different, I was flying Southwest, for the first time.

Now, my Southwest experience was great. I've always flown with Delta or American Airlines or United, but I've always been jealous of the brightly colored airplanes that Southwest has.

But this time, when I boarded my plane, I got to fly in the brightly color plane. Too bad it's not that color on the inside too, talk about entertaining.

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