Monday, April 6, 2009

NCAA Championship tickets opportunity

I received this message in my inbox this morning. Just thought I would pass it along...

I have 2 tickets for Monday night NCAA final game, Ford Field available. Dead Center Court, Section 331 Row 10. These are in the upper Bowl, but great location. These were the more expensive face value tix, and are scalping around $350/seat. I want $400.00 for the pair. If you can use them, please text me tonight at 248-705-1073, or call me tomorrow.

I obtained better seats at a charity fundraiser, and am ready to let these fly. Great location, just a little far (like most seats in the house).

We will not be opening our store as originally expected, zoning and ordinance requirements by the city of Southfield placed requirements on the building owner that set back our plans by almost 10 months now. It is unlikely we will open at that location, and continue to consider options. We will keep you informed if we find a location that makes sense.

Next time you plan to purchase, please contact us via email or phone for bottom line pricing. No one can beat our prices. Email for details, or text us, or call.

Thanks, Sincerely,

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