Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Lee promenade

Today was prom day.

At Lee.

Every year high school students and their parents and/or highly-paid professional photographers descend upon Lee's campus like a swarm of glamorous girls on the red carpet followed by paparazzi and boys in pink ties.

Don't get us wrong, we love our young visitors in their bright dresses and jet-black tuxedos, but there's just something a little lonely about it.

We'll never really have prom again. And here they are, parading it in front of us, with no respect for the college life that is about to be theirs.

Enjoy the froo froo while you can.

Now, I might feel just a little differently about it all if the ladies at Lee donned such royal attire and spent three hours curling their hair before class, and hey, I might even wear a tux if that was the case.

Lee University could use some high school prom elegance. On a daily basis.

But until then, I'm comfortable in my jeans.

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