Sunday, March 1, 2009

We're goin' to Lee and we're gonna get married!

Have you ever driven past Medlin Hall and found yourself contemplating the cute yellow church directly across from the men's dorm?

The church, Graceway Chapel, could make an excellent acquisition for Lee.

With the "ring by spring" hopes and the MRS degree dreams on the university's campus continuing to swell until the end of the semester, it looks like the quaint building could serve as a Lee University wedding chapel.

Personally, I've been lobbying for a built-in or drive-by wedding chapel at Lee when the student union is one day expanded, but Graceway may work for now.

I mean, if administrators subtly encourage us to find our spouse at Lee, why not tie the knot here as well?

Comment question: if you had to choose a Lee faculty member to perform your ceremony, who would it be?

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