Monday, March 23, 2009

Two states remain on my nerves.

I would like to hereby announce my bitterness toward Wyoming and Montana.

Don't worry, it's only temporary.

The map shown above displays the hit-density for this blog in the United States since the blog began.

While 3,600 views have originated from Tennessee in that time, not one, not a living soul, has accessed my blog from Wyoming or Montana.

I understand that Wyoming is the union's least-populated state, but that kind of an excuse just doesn't cut it anymore.

Seventy countries around the world have visited this blog before those two states. People who don't speak English have visited this blog. Oy!

I get the propaganda every fall – I know there's at least a student from every state represented on Lee's campus. So I'm begging, when you go home for Easter break, please visit this blog.

It's like a puzzle that just needs to be completed.

And for you South Dakota, Delaware and Alaska, I have these words: You barely made the cut. With just one visitor each, I'll let you by this time, but remember, I'm watching....

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