Friday, March 13, 2009

The top ten strangest Lee photos

Here's a list of the top ten strangest photos you'll see at Lee:

10. It's not everyday that a lightsaber fight breaks out in a dorm room. But then again, Davis Hall open dorm nights can be known for some interesting behavior. "Luke, I am your roommate."

9. When spring weather finally emerges, birds begin signing, trees blossom, and guys wearing Wishbone hats begin reading classic American literature on the pedmall.

8. Most people have to decide between a bowl or a cone when it comes time to scoop ice cream at the dining hall. But not this student, who just takes the whole flavorful container on with a single plastic spoon.

7. Some kids have building ingrained in their systems. If you build giant towers out of bottles and cups in the dining hall, you probably suffered from a lack of exposure to Legos as a child.

6. We all know that the most efficient way to sneak someone into your dorm room isn't through a second floor window. In all reality, this is probably an example of the world's most dangerous DVD return.

5. Elevators never have been a comfortable place to stand. That's precisely why this PCSU lift could use shopping cart seating.

4. This is what the Lee University clock tower looks like after a disgusting prank. Following the drop-off of a leaky toilet in the epicenter, Campus Safety rolled some caution tape around the "crime scene."

3. What's this? West Side Story in the PCSU post office? It's either a river-dancing street gang or Lee University's dance team. Hard to tell.

2. The cafeteria has long been the best place to hold secret meetings. It's such a great spot to blend into the crowd by having lunch underneath a table surrounded by shreds of napkin.

1. Speaking of the cafeteria, what better use is there for a pierced ear than a straw right through the middle?

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