Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Swing-a-thon scrapped due to dancing policy

An on-campus dance event originally scheduled for this weekend was cancelled because it violated Lee University student lifestyle expectations.

Alpha Psi Omega, Lee's theatre honor society, was planning to host a six-hour Swing-a-thon fundraiser March 20 at the Mayfield Annex gym.

A page advertising the event was created on Facebook and displayed 25 confirmed guests before the event was deleted.

"It's the perfect opportunity to dance all your stress away, forget finals, and just have fun!" read the event's description. "Come join us for a night of dancing (not just swing), free food, and cash prizes!"

Linsey Retcofsky, the organizer for the event, wouldn't say why the Swing-a-thon was cancelled.

"We do not wish to disclose that information to spare reaction from students in the department," she said.

Multiple students planning on attending the event said they were confused about what had happened.

APO member Anna Cook said she didn't even know if the Swing-a-thon was delayed or outright cancelled.

Theatre professor Dr. Christine Williams confirmed that the event had been cancelled.

"Dancing's not approved," she said, noting that Lee University's handbook said the social activity was against policy.

Lee University's student handbook reads:

"Social dancing (sexually suggestive or otherwise) is prohibited and will result in the assignment of accountability hours. Dances of any kind, which are sponsored by University sanctioned organizations, are disallowed."

Williams said that she repeatedly asked members of APO to approve the nature of the event with the Student Life office.

When the organizers finally did, the event was axed.

APO is planning to organize a new fundraiser event, Williams said, noting that it would likely be an opening night reception for the theatre department's upcoming production of "An Ideal Husband," which opens April 3.

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Becca said...

There was no need to write an article about it. We were not told until after we had started the advertising that we needed to get it approved through student life. And the dancing policy is being re-considered, according to a reliable source, so we weren't sure if we'd be allowed to host it or not. We had an individual meeting with the members of APO to explain the situation. We felt that simply sending a message over the internet would not be suitable--we wanted everyone to understand exactly what was said.
Basically, APO was given a lot of negative attention because of this, and we've been trying really hard to make a name of ourselves.
If you have nothing better to do than write up stories about events that aren't happening, instead of focusing on what's actually going on around campus, then you need to get out more.