Thursday, March 12, 2009

The scoop on student news in Bradley County

The Lee Clarion isn't the only student news source in Bradley County.

Here's a look at three other school news sources:

1. VOX News – Bradley County High School
Despite a hip intro, the VOX News newscast serves more as a roll of school announcements mixed in with some weather and sports reporting. Also, if you're looking for a place to pledge allegiance to the flag, VOX provides that service as well. Watch a video of the VOX News report here.

Also, you won't want to miss the commercials, especially the one for Lee University.

2.The Spill – Walker Valley High School
The Spill newscast is 99 percent school announcements on a green screen news set. They certainly know how to do video graphics, although most of the news is obviously read off of a screen or a paper in hand. The sports interviews and weather forecast are probably the most exciting segments after the intro.

The channel partners with WRCBTV to provide the weather forecast. Most commendable is that the clips are produced daily during the school week. Check out a huge collection of previous broadcast shows from the Spill on their Web site here.

3.The Cherokee Signal – Cleveland State Community College
The Cherokee Signal is certainly a colorful collection of articles on newsprint.

The paper appears to be published monthly, but according to the Cherokee Signal Web site, there hasn't been a new issue since April 2007. Fortunately, a catalog of all previous issues are available online at the site.

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