Sunday, March 1, 2009

Library could increase visitors with design change

Lee University's library may be filled with an amazing collection of resources and tools, but amazing access? That's another question.

I've come to believe that one of the most problematic elements of the library's "neo-modern" architectural design, is the entrance.

Instead of being tempted to enter while walking along Parker Street (on the way to the Conn Center, class, or even the apartment), students actually have to go out of their way to walk around the building to get in.

So is there any reason why the entrance faces the wrong way? Not that I can see.

Essentially, the "front doors" are entirely pointed away from the seminary and the university. The only building they actually do align with, crazy as it sounds, is the old home falling apart behind the music building.

So what's the solution?

Is it conceivable to construct a new front entrance that actually opens directly to the parking lot? Such a change, slight as it is, would likely bring in more passersby, and ultimately encourage more interaction.

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