Friday, March 27, 2009

How to keep your dish nice and toasty

One of the many joys I experience while working at the Lee Clarion is seeing all of the different ways students use our campus newspaper at Lee.

Reading is, of course, the primary function most use the paper for, but the Lee Clarion's utility goes far beyond simple words.

For example, the newspaper makes a perfect doorstop. It also never fails to make a stage appearance as a prop.

During the Culture Fest last night, however, I found a third equally entertaining use: covering food and keeping it warm.

That's right, if you need a way to keep last night's green peas peppy and delicious, consider wrapping them in a thin layer of freshly-read Lee Clarion.

There's no better way.

• See other unusual uses for the Lee Clarion, or submit your own! If you've found a novel use for the news (after reading it of course), send in a photo and a description to!

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