Saturday, March 7, 2009

How to fix the "We Are Becoming" blog

Lee University's revolutionary chapel Web site,, made a splash impact when it debuted last fall, but it seems as if age has caught up with it.

Last semester nine entries were posted on the blog which, granted, isn't all that much, but the posts were usually filled with some sort of creative video segment that has been shown in chapel.

We're already half way through this semester and there's only been one post (which was added in the middle of January, btw).

I believe Campus Pastor Jimmy Harper and his chapel team started something unique and important with the "We Are Becoming" series, which has since evolved into "Being."

The blog, which has undergone a redesign with the advent of a new name, has the potential to reach beyond the confines of chapel and speak to students wherever they might be.

With a simple recipe: more frequent posts, student interaction, and some good publicity, Harper can make Lee's chapel experience a model for other Christian universities.

What do students think of what speakers have to say? What kind of responses and questions emerge?

The blog has an amazing opportunity to open up dialogue between chapel speakers and students.

Lee students could write guest posts or devotions about what they're going through, how they worship, or details about what they're learning from the Bible.

Chapel has long been a one-way source of communication. What the "We Are Becoming" series strived for was to initiate and spark interaction, feedback and questions.

The blog became, but can it be?

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