Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Facebook messes up my life

• The follow post was guest-written by Summer Coy, designer for the Lee Clarion.

Have you ever noticed that Facebook has an addiction to change?

When I first started using Facebook four years ago, the social networking Web site was simple. You added friends, wrote on each other’s wall, and sent messages. Back then, there weren't even photo albums.

In comparison, it now seems as if Facebook is changing or adding some “new” feature every other day.

It’s very aggravating to us habit-forming college students!

Today I logged onto Facebook hoping to quickly respond to a question someone asked me on my wall. I clicked the wall-to-wall button and this is the screen that popped up!!!
Seriously, what do you think I’m suppposed to do with this???

I’m a busy college student with OCD tendencies and I'm used to having everything the way I like. I can’t handle it when Facebook decides to change on me every second and ruin my lifestyle.


I don’t know where to post my comment to my friend, what this weird empty box is doing at the top of the screen or how to make sense of any of the mumbo jumbo that’s been thrown onto my screen!!!

Ooh! There’s this Deutsch button. Maybe that will change the page to German and I’ll be able to make more sense of this thing!

So I press it, and nothing happens! Thanks a lot Facebook!

If it worked well before, why must it transform into something that doesn’t work, just to mess with everyone’s life, adding one more challenge to our pile.

Why must Facebook keep evolving and adding stuff we don’t even need like applications?


If you want to give someone a gift, just go to the store and buy it for them! Trust me, it will mean more!!

For that matter, you can even make a gift for free!!! I’m sure your friend will greatly appreciate it more than being poked a gazillion times.

Here's my message to you: spend more time with friends in person.

And here's my message to Facebook: stop ruining my life by mixing things up.

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Smitherd said...

Actually, the page pictured above typically occurs when the page does not load fully due to network difficulties. That is the "Basic Page Style" that most browsers load which avoid loading most "fancy" page code.