Monday, February 9, 2009

What's it like, sitting in the choir loft?

Chapel latecomers are doomed to sit in the "choir loft" behind the stage.

...And it really isn't that bad.

I was a little late to the opening service of convocation tonight, which meant I faced the long walk to the platform of public worship. So let's look at what really goes on there:

1. Song lyrics are completely backwards. If you've ever wanted to focus more on worship and less on technology, the loft might be the best place to do it. But if you're a stickler for precision singing, you'll have to learn to decipher what "nevaeh" and thirty other words say as quickly as the tempo demands.

2. The opposite-facing speakers make music and ministers alike sound like they're being piped through tubes. My request is for some speakers facing the chapel lofts. Otherwise, it can be a bit more difficult to hear what's going on.

3. The view is magnificent. If you've never looked out at a crowd of 2,000 worshipers before, you have to experience the chapel loft at least once. You can spot everyone in the entire Conn Center, from the crest of the balcony, to inside the light booth, to the facial expressions of the drummer on stage. It's like a 200 megapixel photo, filled with beautiful detail. It's a sight often unseen but wholly worth it.

4. Looking to become popular? One false move in the choir loft could lead to instant fame in chapel history. Or if you want your friends to notice you and analyze your every move (did he sit or stand?), it's a great place to be. Just remember that while you're able to see everyone in the Conn Center, everyone there can see you as well.

So if you've never been banished to the stage balcony, try it out for once. Trust me, it's an experience worth having.

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