Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Patience" is the show of the year!

If you have yet to see the opera theatre production of "Patience" at Lee this weekend, cancel all of your other plans.

The show is a winner in every respect. The cast is motivated; the timing is quick; the story is simple, fun and engaging; and the music is upbeat and delicious to the ears.

While it's difficult to review a show with two leading casts, the most winning (and lovable, might I add) performances in the show come from Tyler Steele and Paul Whitehead. Both were top-notch all throughout.

Nothing about the show is dull. Sets, costumes, choreography... every piece of the opera was fantastic.

Even the "rapturous maidens" and the officers of the Dragoon Guards played humorously significant roles, focused and funny.

The only trouble the show had was a technical lighting delay at the beginning of the first act when I attended Friday evening.

The delay, however, was well worth it.

If you see one show this year, see this one. I cannot give a higher recommendation than the one I give for "Patience."

In fact, the show's so good President Paul Conn attended twice and was spotted with his grandkids in the theater:

• See many more photos from the show here and here.

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Anonymous said...

As a fan and supporter of the theatre department, I would encourage everyone to come to ALL the Lee's productions this year.
They will ALL be top-notch and well worth it.