Sunday, February 15, 2009

North Cleveland bulletin redesign ugly as hockey sticks

The North Cleveland Church of God unveiled their annual bulletin redesign today...

...And it's not an improvement.

It appears age has replaced life.

The old program (left) splashed a glow of exciting color on the church and included a stream of pictures to give the church a sense of life and personality.

The new program (right) focuses much more on the building itself. It also now caters to the church's growing number of aged attendees. A much larger (and easier-to-read) date graces the top of the bulletin for those who aren't sure which Sunday it is. In addition, the name of the church has been highlighted in white and placed over the main entrance.

The only element I won't miss from the old program is the three-dimensional blue date box of ugliness.

The back of the new programs only get worse.

Previous bulletins featured a yearbook-like spread of pastors and their spouses.

While slightly disorganized and difficult to understand, the images added to the personality of the church and displayed a vivid picture of human life.

The new bulletin tosses out the imagery in favor of a large-print listing of names that seem to run together worse than marathoners at a starting line.

The font is big, unlovely, and reminds me of the kind of disturbing design I might find on a kids' menu at the Farmhouse restaurant.

Again, NCCOG is appealing to an older audience with the new changes introduced.

For a church of its size and prominence, I expect better. I prefer the past.

Thankfully, the mission remains the same.

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Anonymous said...

I had to catalog a bunch of these for the library once and the only difference I see between the new bulletin and the ones from the 1970s is the absence of TL Lowery's headshot up in the corner.

Were you a little bored in church today?