Friday, February 6, 2009

Little shredder left to die tells a sad story.. on VP letterhead.

When a broken shredder is looking for a hug, you know you're on the third floor of the Centenary Building.

This solemn solitary shredder sunbathing on the sill, unplugged, was begging for pity when I ran across it early this afternoon.

Taped to the top was a note on official letterhead from the Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Carolyn Dirksen).

To see what the shredder had to say, follow the jump.

The paper read "I am broken. I am broken. Love me. I need a hug."

On the sheet were images of a broken (or would it be shredded?) heart, and two faces flowing with tears. Oh, not to mention the hidden message typed upside down: "Faculty Development."

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