Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't Go There: Library Mechanical Rooms/Roof

This is a guest post by Lee Clarion staffer Matt Smith.

This is the 13th part in the "Don't Go There" series. The series strives to unveil the most secret and secluded parts of campus to give ordinary students a glance at the unknown.

Previously a video showing how to get to the roof of the Squires Library had been posted. It turns out that this route only takes you up one story. Today, we have photos from the mechanical rooms of this building and the highest level of the roof.

When one is standing on the soccer field, they can see large silver panels on the side of the library; these are solar collectors which power the building.

A look around reveals a metal gate, behind which are two sets of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs is a locked door. Venturing through this locked door reveals a room rife with metallic mechanical goodness.In this room are contained mechanical panels and switches and valves [oh my!] in every shape and size. There are compressors and pneumatic valves in the unit above, while other electrical panels reside all around.
A walk through several more locked doors takes you into the normally-accessible library. A climb [or elevator ride] up to the third floor and through a winding maze of offices and bookshelves leads to a big locked door; through this door is a small roof area with a ladder. Climbing this ladder leads to the highest story of the roof. The following is a collection of shots from this level of the roof.
Unfortunately, some of the glass blocks in the emergency stairway have sealant problems, leading to blocks such as this one which have water inside them.
And of course, finally, the photographer couldn't resist a personal shot just for good measure.
This has been Matt Smith, guest posting in the "Don't Go There" series. Keep reading!

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