Sunday, February 15, 2009

Conn's fan base runs rampant on Facebook

There are nearly 20 groups on Facebook dedicated to Dr. Conn devotion.

Here's the list with the number of fans in each group:

Paul Conn Fan Club (388)
I love it when Paul Conn talks about his sex in chapel (362)
I saw the Paul Conn Snow Sculpture (135)
The CONNfederacy (78)
The great mustaches of Lee University (78)
Wouldn't it be great if Dr. Conn shaved his mustache? (74)
Dr. Conn is the fourth member of the Godhead! (59)
Students for the sale of Dr. Conn Bobblehead Dolls (35)
The absolute FACTS about Paul Conn (24)
Pictures with Santa Conn (15)
I heart P. Conn (12)
Paul Conn for U.S. President (8)
I'm friends with the girl Dr. Conn talked about in ask the president chapel (7)
Just another Dr. Conn group (5)
The campus where Conn is king and Christ is Lord (5)
Paul Conn is NOT God (1)
Paul Conn gets slurpies from the BP on Parker Street (1)

Those numbers don't even include the fake Paul Conn profile (157 friends) and Dr. Conn's unofficial Facebook fan page which just reached 800 fans.

No matter which way you slice it, Lee University's president has a massive online following: 2,244 fans.

Alumni tend to leave messages expressing thanks on the fan page, while students upload their own photos of the president, photoshopped, spy shots, Conn art, or friendly posed snapshots.

It appears that social media has given students the tools to show appreciation for one common cause, and the spotlight goes to a friendly yet successful university president.

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