Friday, February 27, 2009

Conn: Dorm construction, demolition under consideration

President Paul Conn said Thursday that a new dorm may be in Lee's near future, but only if another one is demolished.

"We're thinking about building a Brinsfield Row type of complex for men," he told students at the presidential open house event.

Conn said that the new dorm would be constructed on the gravel parking lot behind Keeble Hall. He said that the university wanted to move more men toward the south end of campus, near the religion building.

"The reason we've kept that gravel is because we're considering putting a men's dorm on it," he said, noting that the university would only move ahead with those plans if Hughes Hall was torn down. He said the school had not decided to do that yet.

Conn also said that the new science and math building would likely remain without an official name.

"We don't have a name," he said. "It's probably going to just be called the science and math complex."

Conn said that both wings would have names, however.

"The one wing that's being built now is going to be called the Medlin wing," he said.

The wing would be named after Don Medlin (for whom Medlin Hall is named).

Medlin was an avid supporter of a new science building, he said, adding that Medlin's daughter had been a science major at Lee herself.

"He was a member of our board, he was a farmer from Missouri," Conn said.

Medlin's family had asked what it would take to get the new science building named for him, he said.

As far as the other wing?

Conn said he still isn't sure, but that he's open to suggestions.

"Feel free to offer them," he said. "Send them in to Ask The President."

• Video by Jason Feliciano.

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