Monday, February 9, 2009

Becoming a Lee sports fan

Students at Lee have many ways to get connected on-campus: service groups, Greek clubs, intramurals, on-campus jobs and a plethora of other options. One aspect of Lee that a lot of people take pride is the athletic departments. You can connect by supporting and being a fan, but you don’t just have to sit in the stands to be connected.

Lee University offers many ways to become part of the team without actually participating in a sport.

Become a manager for one of Lee's seven men’s sports and seven women’s sports. Lee also offers club sports, such as rugby and wrestling.

Summer Smith was manager for the Lee University volleyball team this past season. Her experience included hard work, but it also included friends and travel, among other things.

Coach Andrea Hudson knew Smith had played volleyball in high school and was knowledgeable about the sport. This would help when Smith took statistics, a job that requires a lot of attention to detail.

“If you miss one thing the whole play will get messed up, and then the stats will not equal out," said Smith.

She also said she was thankful for the help of another student with the statistics because she could not have handled it by herself.

Smith also got to travel to places such as Texas and Ohio with the team for tournaments. This kind of travel is a great way to get to know the team.

"The girls on the team are great and fun to be around. The coaches are wonderful as well. It was a great experience,” said Smith.

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