Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conn has a degree in Cyberfeminism?

According to trustworthy educational site Wikipedia, Lee University President Paul Conn has a new degree in Cyberfeminism.

And I quote:

Conn acquired his undergraduate degree in religion from Lee University (then Lee College). He received an M.A. and a Ph.D. in Cyberfeminism from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) and subsequently went on to spend three years at Harvard University (Boston, Mass.) as a postdoctoral Visiting Scholar.

And if you're wondering what Cyberfeminism actually is, what better source to go to than Wikipedia? And I quote again:

Cyberfeminism is a feminist community, philosophy and set of practices concerned with feminism interactions with and acts in cyberspace.
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NEW SPORTS TWITTER now up and running...


Updated scores and breaking sports stories will be posted on here frequently throughout each day, and will show up automatically on LeeClarion's twitter feed linked to (This will show up on the home page underneath the facebook ad):

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The Best of Conn's Crib

Check out these highlights from the open house at President Paul Conn's office:

See two more clips after the jump:

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Yes we can... go to campus events.

The last time I wrote about Mr. Lee Flame, we discussed the new weekend announcement slides on screens around campus.

Now it's gone one step further:

Printed posters and flyers detailing the semester's events have made their way around recently.

While I love the idea behind the design of the promotional campaign, sometimes I can't help but wonder if Mr. Flame, who was apparently born on Christmas day, is leaning a bit left.

After all, what are his political views? Read More......

Dying shredder can't withstand publicity

Even broken shredders don't know how to deal with newfound fame, apparently.

Remember the sad little shredder we mourned just a few weeks ago?

As I walked back past it on Friday, awed that it was still sunbathing on the same windowsill, I noticed a brand new note in red:

"Featured on the Lee Clarion Editor's Blog!!"

...And it was followed by a second, more menacing word: "Infamy!"

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A new shade of paint downs the posters

The "conveyor belt curtain" in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall is being repainted today and it looks as if the cafeteria's "Weigh the Waste" posters have left a mark.

The posters, which proclaimed that the cafeteria was aiming to waste less than 500 pounds weekly and 100 pounds daily, had previously been up for a number of months.

See a picture of one of the posters after the jump. 

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Don't Go there: The Presidential Suite

This is the 14th part in the "Don't Go There" series. The series strives to unveil the most secret and secluded parts of campus to give ordinary students a glance at the unknown.

Lee University President Paul Conn opened up his office for an hour and a half Thursday to give students a peek into his daily environment.

The above photo, of course, is of the presidential bathroom, the finest restroom facility on campus. But there's more to it...

The mirror displays three important messages: Don't Give Up the Dream, Shut Up and Listen, and Philippians 2:12-13, which reads: "...complete the salvation that God has given you with a proper sense of awe and responsibility, for it is god who is at work within you, giving you the will and the power to achieve His purpose."

The presidential closet (pictured above) is directly across from the restroom.

It hides ventilation ducts, a mini refrigerator and coffee maker, a toaster, Dr. Conn's shoe collection, a triple-deck coffee cabinet, and extra supplies.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lee Singers starts a Twitter account!

The Lee Singers is pioneering social media on the web, having just started a new Singers Twitter account.

That's in addition to the new Lee Singers Wikipedia page I mentioned last week and the choir's blog.

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Conn: Dorm construction, demolition under consideration

President Paul Conn said Thursday that a new dorm may be in Lee's near future, but only if another one is demolished.

"We're thinking about building a Brinsfield Row type of complex for men," he told students at the presidential open house event.

Conn said that the new dorm would be constructed on the gravel parking lot behind Keeble Hall. He said that the university wanted to move more men toward the south end of campus, near the religion building.

"The reason we've kept that gravel is because we're considering putting a men's dorm on it," he said, noting that the university would only move ahead with those plans if Hughes Hall was torn down. He said the school had not decided to do that yet.

Conn also said that the new science and math building would likely remain without an official name.

"We don't have a name," he said. "It's probably going to just be called the science and math complex."

Conn said that both wings would have names, however.

"The one wing that's being built now is going to be called the Medlin wing," he said.

The wing would be named after Don Medlin (for whom Medlin Hall is named).

Medlin was an avid supporter of a new science building, he said, adding that Medlin's daughter had been a science major at Lee herself.

"He was a member of our board, he was a farmer from Missouri," Conn said.

Medlin's family had asked what it would take to get the new science building named for him, he said.

As far as the other wing?

Conn said he still isn't sure, but that he's open to suggestions.

"Feel free to offer them," he said. "Send them in to Ask The President."

• Video by Jason Feliciano. Read More......

The top 5 funky things in Dr. Conn's office

When an e-mail named "You're invited to Dr. Conn's crib!" appears in your inbox, you know you can't resist the urge to have a look around.

Stephanie Taylor, President Paul Conn's secretary, sent out this message Wednesday to every student:

Dr. Conn will have a cookie ready for you to eat, he’ll show you around his office, let you wear his medallion, let you snap a quick pic with him – just generally hang out for a few minutes. A little student interaction every once in a while does him good, and he’s looking forward to meeting you.

Essentially, every student's dream has been fulfilled.

Well, in case you were stuck in class or traffic, here's a list of the Top Five Funky Things in Dr. Conn's Office:

5. The random magnet collection. The collection, which includes cowboy, kangaroo and sandal magnets, most likely belongs to the president's secretary, as it casually litters the backside of the door to her office.

4. The shoe shelf. Tucked away in a little known closet across from his personal restroom is a quaint wooden shelf, stocked with several pairs of shoes. Watch out ladies, you're not the only ones with a secret collection.

3. The Paul Conn Mouse pad. Look closely and you'll notice that the mouse pad on the president's desk is emblazoned with Conn's name in the lower right corner.

2. The Bell Tower Replica. When the Paul Conn Student Union was built, this model of the bell tower was presented to Conn as the building was dedicated to him.

1. Ever wondered what the university's budget might look like? President Conn had a copy of the proposed budget for the 2008-2009 school year on his desk. But what about a glimpse inside? You'll have to ask him for permission.

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The sincerest form of flattery

You're looking at the cover of the next Torch magazine, due around the middle of next month.

A laser-printed copy of the upcoming issue was openly resting on top of a pile at the top of Lee University President Paul Conn's desk today during his presidential office open house.

So what's so notable about the Torch?

The front page photo. I discovered that it was strikingly similar to a photo I had taken and submitted to Lee University's Office of Publications for use online or in print on February 4.
Fortunately, I have the honor of knowing the two students pictured in the image on the actual magazine cover, Brittanie Odell and Joshua Warlick.

Mr. Warlick told me that the photo shoot he was in for the Torch took place about two weeks ago, which would have been around February 12.

The photo I took was unposed. And true, the photo selected for the cover featured better composition and lighting, not to mention technologically up-to-date students.

The picture snapped for the cover of the Torch was ultimately a superior image. It looks great.

P.S. Bonus: If you look closely at the cover, you'll notice that the seasonal date was corrected by sticky note. Read More......

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Trix here, Dining Hall loses cereals for a day

For what may be the first time in recent memory, the dining hall has no cereal to serve hungry breakfast-loving students today.

A sign next to the empty canister rack simply reads, "We apologize for the inconvenience but there will be no cereal today," and leaves no explanation as to the cause.
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Plea for aid appears in PCSU restroom

If you happened to stumble into the second floor men's restroom of the PCSU during Dorm Wars last night, you may have been surprised to see a message on the bathroom mirror.

The words "Help! Me" were scrawled across the mirror in all capitals, apparently drawn with the help of some excess ketchup packets from the food court next door.

In addition, the sinks were speckled with what looked like blood. More pictures after the jump; viewer discretion advised.

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BREAKING: The Hanger Is Gone!

This just in: The blue hanger that has haunted the men's room in the Deacon Jones Dining Hall since the beginning of the 2008-09 school year is missing.

The hanger had been hanging from one of the stalls in the restroom, stationary and unused for nearly seven months.

It's hard to believe that such a small thing can accumulate a cult following.

For instance, some blog readers avidly followed the adventures of the miraculous hanger as it appeared in October, November and January.

Sophomore Matt Smith even wrote of his devotion to the hanger on his personal blog.

Now that it's gone, a time of mourning has begun.

Do you have any stories to share about your experiences with the hanger? If so, leave a comment.

(And remember, I'll be highly suspect if any female comments on this post!) Read More......

Edna Minor Conn name battle comes to an end.

The Edna Minor Conn Lecture Hall will be retitled the "Edna Minor Conn Theater" after all.

Lee University's drama faculty had previously made the decision to title the room the "Vest Theater," but the choice has since been reversed, Dr. Mark Burnette said today. Read More......

Monday, February 23, 2009

Your smile makes me smile.

One of the reasons I take so many photos of people is because I'm constantly pursuing the highest compliment an amateur photographer can receive: a Facebook profile picture.

I love surfing through Facebook and counting how many students are using my photography to represent themselves to the digital world.

It's a feeling of happiness. You know you've taken a great shot of someone when they remove their old profile picture and replace it with your work.

For example, after I snapped shots of Lee's opera production of "Patience" and uploaded the final images, no fewer than nine actors in the cast changed their profile shots. To get an all-encompassing overview of how it looks, click and explore the image.

So, if I happen to be surfing Facebook and see a picture I took of you on your profile, bravo. You've made me smile.

Keep up the good work. Read More......

Brooks debuts new Web site, hops on Twitter

Lee University alumnus Kevin Brooks, Tennessee's state representative for the 24th district, has a brand new presence on the Internet.

See his new site here.

Brooks is also Twittering for the first time. Follow his stream of consciousness here. Read More......

Proclaiming Christ from the walls

A brand new banner has been prominently placed in the lobby of the new religion building over the weekend.

It reads: "All the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ."

See an extra close-up photo after the jump.

• Images courtesy of Jason Feliciano.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't Go There: Library Mechanical Rooms/Roof

This is a guest post by Lee Clarion staffer Matt Smith.

This is the 13th part in the "Don't Go There" series. The series strives to unveil the most secret and secluded parts of campus to give ordinary students a glance at the unknown.

Previously a video showing how to get to the roof of the Squires Library had been posted. It turns out that this route only takes you up one story. Today, we have photos from the mechanical rooms of this building and the highest level of the roof.

When one is standing on the soccer field, they can see large silver panels on the side of the library; these are solar collectors which power the building.

A look around reveals a metal gate, behind which are two sets of stairs. At the bottom of these stairs is a locked door. Venturing through this locked door reveals a room rife with metallic mechanical goodness.In this room are contained mechanical panels and switches and valves [oh my!] in every shape and size. There are compressors and pneumatic valves in the unit above, while other electrical panels reside all around.
A walk through several more locked doors takes you into the normally-accessible library. A climb [or elevator ride] up to the third floor and through a winding maze of offices and bookshelves leads to a big locked door; through this door is a small roof area with a ladder. Climbing this ladder leads to the highest story of the roof. The following is a collection of shots from this level of the roof.
Unfortunately, some of the glass blocks in the emergency stairway have sealant problems, leading to blocks such as this one which have water inside them.
And of course, finally, the photographer couldn't resist a personal shot just for good measure.
This has been Matt Smith, guest posting in the "Don't Go There" series. Keep reading!
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"Patience" is the show of the year!

If you have yet to see the opera theatre production of "Patience" at Lee this weekend, cancel all of your other plans.

The show is a winner in every respect. The cast is motivated; the timing is quick; the story is simple, fun and engaging; and the music is upbeat and delicious to the ears.

While it's difficult to review a show with two leading casts, the most winning (and lovable, might I add) performances in the show come from Tyler Steele and Paul Whitehead. Both were top-notch all throughout.

Nothing about the show is dull. Sets, costumes, choreography... every piece of the opera was fantastic.

Even the "rapturous maidens" and the officers of the Dragoon Guards played humorously significant roles, focused and funny.

The only trouble the show had was a technical lighting delay at the beginning of the first act when I attended Friday evening.

The delay, however, was well worth it.

If you see one show this year, see this one. I cannot give a higher recommendation than the one I give for "Patience."

In fact, the show's so good President Paul Conn attended twice and was spotted with his grandkids in the theater:

• See many more photos from the show here and here.
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Moe's strikes student union (including the attic)

Sometime Thursday Moe's Southwest Grill attacked every doorknob in the Paul Conn Student Union with hanging advertisements.

While the advertising campaign in itself was not that notable, it does beg the question: how desperate is the restaurant, which is often frequented by college students in the first place?

Apparently, very.

The Moe's advertisement photographed above was hanging from the fourth floor attic door at the top of the stairway. Either a Moe's employee who doesn't know the building at all stuck it there, or it was someone with a twisted sense of humor. Let's hope it wasn't both. Read More......

Religion building eerily similar to first sketch

So how does the religion building compare to the architectural sketch?

Other than the intersection, the gutters, the lamp post and the Watkins Building, it's surprisingly close.

Photo by Shashank Shrestha. Illustration courtesy of the Office of the President. Read More......

Friday, February 20, 2009

Edna Minor Conn doesn't get a theater after all

So the gun may have been jumped.

It appears that the new "black box" theater in the Vest Building isn't a black box at all. At least that's what Lee's theater faculty report. A black box, they state, contains seating that can be moved and arranged in any fashion to fit the show. The new theater, however, has stationary seating.

In addition, the Edna Minor Conn Lecture Hall wasn't converted into the Edna Minor Conn Theater.

That's just too simple.

Dr. Mark Burnette, assistant professor of drama, said that the theater faculty decided to rename it the "Vest Theater."

Apparently, the EMC title will be reserved for a room in the new science and mathematics building currently under construction.

Speaking of name changes, the chalkboard on the set of the Vest Theater's first production (My Children, My Africa), alludes to quite a different show than the one advertised.

On ice? Children and Africa on ice? Who could miss that??
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chapman tweets his excitement for Lee

Although it seems that speakers like President Conn are nothing but confident when addressing the student body, most of Lee's speakers can be just as nervous as anyone.

Public Twitter updates from Shannon Chapman, who spoke at Lee on January 25, show a more human side of those asked to speak.

It's not just someone visiting to preach a sermon. These guests are excited to be on campus, they're thrilled to be around students. They ask for prayer and pray for strength when approaching Lee's pulpit.

It's a spirit of reverence and an attitude of respect. Read More......

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Singers embrace Wikipedia with new page

The Lee Singers is the latest slice of the university to claim its own Wikipedia page.

The page for the Singers, while rather bare, was only created eight days ago.

Other Lee University pages on Wikipedia include:

Lee University
Charles Paul Conn
Charles W. Conn
Campus Choir Read More......

Obama's face stolen from dining hall display

Two male Lee students removed and walked out of the Deacon Jones Dining Hall with a presidential poster of Barack Obama during dinner this evening.

The poster, which was part of a leftover President's Day display, was significantly larger than the other posters and hung in the center of the display under the presidential seal. It was removed shortly before 6 p.m.

It seems that either the culprits were avid Obama fans... or not. Read More......

In case you missed out...

...on all the great sports moments at Lee from the 2007-08 year...enjoy...

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Recruiting news: Part IV

From SI

Flames add Reyneke to soccer squad

Having a former player as a local high school coach is paying big dividends for the Lee University men's soccer team.

Already with a trio of players that led Cleveland High to its first TSSAA State Soccer Tournament last spring, Flames coach Henry Moyo has inked a fourth key Raider from that squad with the signing of forward Sias Reyneke.


"We were district champs in 2007. Last year we won the region and sectional championships and made our first state tournament. Sias played a significant role in both of those championship seasons," former Flame and current Cleveland High coach John Brose related.

With his senior season just a few weeks away, Reyneke was thrilled to accept the offer to continue his soccer career with a program that played in back-to-back NAIA national tournaments. "It is a real challenge for me to get the opportunity to play for a program that competes on a national level," expressed Reyneke, who will be joining former Raider teammates Edgar Cordero, Drew Henderson and Marlon Ayala, all freshmen with the Flames.

"I have been watching this program (Cleveland) for several years and saw John (Brose) develop it into a strong program that is producing some very strong players," coach Moyo commented. "Sias is a very, very technical player with strong skills and a very good work ethic."

"He has come to our camps and I have watched him develop. He has very good field vision and a strong understanding of the game. He has a passion for the game and most importantly is willing to learn. He wants to get better and is willing to work hard to do that."

"Sias has a great work ethic and is very coachable," coach Brose related. "He is one of the smartest players Ive ever coached. He knows the game. He has meant a lot to our program and we are looking forward to another great year with him leading the way."

Reynekes abilities on the pitch are just one of the things that attracted the attention of the Lee coaching staff. "He is very strong academically and has a very strong, Christian family background, stated Coach Moyo. He is a great kid all the way around in the classroom, in life, as well as on the field," added Brose.

With a 4.0 grade point average, Reyneke is tied for first in this class academically with just a couple of months remaining until graduation. "One the main reasons I chose Lee is because of their academics," explained Reyneke. "Ive had a great experience here (at Cleveland High). The team has a special bond. We have a very positive atmosphere and pick each other up if we get down. I hope to have that same experience at Lee."

After scoring four goals and an assist for an 11-8-1 Raider team as a sophomore, Reyneke upped his production to 10 goals last year as Cleveland went 18-6. He scored the game-winning goal in the region semifinal victory over Ooltewah that advanced the Raiders to the sectional game.

As for switching from the spring high school season to the fall college game, Reyneke stated, "Ive been playing for the PSA club team in Chattanooga. That has prepared me to play year-round against high quality players."

Reyneke will be following in the footsteps of some top-notch players who have worn the Flame uniform, including Ricardo Pierre-Louis and Stanley Nyazamba. The pair were NAIA All-Americans two years ago before playing this past season for the Columbus Crew which won the Major League Soccer Championship over the New York Red Bulls in November.


Yelton announces signing class for 2009

Lee University head soccer coach Matt Yelton announced the signing of nine players to scholarships on Wednesday as the Lady Flames look to defend their national championship.

The Lady Flames are coming off a year that saw them post a 24-1-1 on their way to the school’s first ever NAIA National Championship. The Lady Flames return 8-of-11 starters in 2009, and should have the necessary firepower to put up on a strong defense of their national championship.

Lee’s 2009 recruiting class is a large one, and Coach Yelton states, “This may be the best class that we have ever signed at Lee, and given the nature of our success the last few years, that is saying something.”

The members of the 2009 class are Darcy Brannen, Amy Cochran, Kim Conrad, Ali Eisnaugle, Louise Fensome, Claire Lanter, Lindsey Muratta, Missy Shaw, and Leah Wilson. “I'm extremely excited about these nine players and I'm looking forward to working with them for the next four years," said Yelton.

“This is a very versatile class and all of these players will be able to come in and contribute right away. One of the issues we felt we had to address with this recruiting class was to bring in quality players that can get into our team quickly and by their sophomore season be able to step into the void that we will have after graduating a large senior class.”

Coach Yelton summed up his class by stating, “One of our priorities in recruiting has always been to bring in the best local players that we can, and I believe that we have added five of the top players from the state of Tennessee with this year’s class. "In addition," he added. "we have been able to stay even closer to home and reach out and bring three of the top players in the 2009 Chattanooga senior class to Lee.”

Brannen comes to Lee from Soddy-Daisy, Tenn., where she played for East Ridge Express Soccer Club and has played the last four seasons for Yelton. She is the daughter of John and Jacquie Brannen and is the younger sister of Nikki who plays college soccer at Carson Newman.

She helped lead her club team to a the 2007 State Cup Final, and in 2008 was a crucial member of the squad that captured the Region Three Premier League title and advanced to Southern Regionals. For the last three seasons she has lead the team in scoring while playing as a forward or attacking midfielder.

Branned played her high school soccer at Notre Dame High School, under the tutelage of Coach Jim Schermerhorn, where she was a four-year starter. Along the way, she was named the team’s best midfielder as Notre Dame advanced to the state semi-final game in each of her four years.

“Having had the honor to coach Darcy the last four years, I believe she is going to bring a great deal to our Lee team.” Yelton said. “Darcy is a force on the field because she can play and score from almost anywhere and is an extremely competitive player. Also, she is an absolute soccer junkie and has a great understanding of the game and is a true student of the game.”

Cochran comes to Lee all the way from Yorba Linda, Calif. Cochran played for one of the top high schools in Southern California (Esperanza High School) under the direction of coach John King and helped lead her team to the 2008 Sunset League Championship and to the state semi-finals in 2007 and state quarterfinals in 2008.

For her efforts she was named to the All-League team. Esperanza is currently ranked as the No. 6 team in the nation by ESPN Rise Magazine. Amy’s club accomplishments are just as impressive as she played for one of the top club teams in the United States, Slammers FC, under the direction of coach Ramon Reid.

“Amy is a quality athlete. She is a talented soccer player and her best soccer is still in front of her. I was impressed with her impact on the game every time I watched her. She will be an outstanding college soccer player. Her experience playing in big games will only make it easier for her to step up to the college level.” Amy is the daughter of David and Marguerite Cochran.

Conrad hails from Murfreesboro, Tenn. She attends Siegel High School and played her high school soccer under the direction of Eric Shelton, and plays her club soccer for Stones River Soccer Club where she is currently coached by Graham Whitehouse. She is the daughter of Dan and Janet Conrad.

Kim comes to Lee as one of the most decorated players coming out of the state of Tennessee in the 2009 recruiting class. The Stones River Strikers have captured seven straight state championships and were semi-finalist at Southern Regionals in 2005 and 2006 and advanced to the quarterfinals in 2008. In her seven years with the team, Kim has served as a team captain for four of those seasons.

Conrad has been equally successful while playing for Siegel High School. She captained the team to the 2008 Tennessee AAA State Championship. During her high school career she has won multiple district and regional honors and was selected Tennessee All-State in 2007 and 2008. She finished her career as the third-leading goal-scorer in school history.

Coach Yelton had this to say about Conrad, “I think Kim is one of the top players coming out of Tennessee this year. She has the ability to play in a number of different positions and has demonstrated a great deal of success along the way. The quality that I especially appreciate about Kim is that while her individual play may not be incredibly flashy, by the end of the match she is often the player who has made the biggest contribution to her team’s winning result.”

Eisnaugle comes to Lee by way of Franklin, Tenn. and will join older sister Chelsea in wearing the maroon and white. She played her high school soccer at Independence under the direction of David Cordero de Jesus. She is the daughter of Jon and Amy Eisnaugle.

Ali, along with fellow signee Kim Conrad, plays her club soccer for the Stones River Strikers team. Eisnaugle had an outstanding senior season and earned several individual awards while playing for Independence. She was selected to both the All-Region and All-District Team and her season was capped off with the tremendous honor of being named to the Tennessee All-State Team.

“Ali is a very polished player and has the knack for being in the right place at the right time,” coach Yelton stated. “She impressed us in how much she contributed to each team we watched her play for in the last year and a half. She was always making players around her better and we believe she is only going to get better and will be a very good college player.”

Fensome becomes Yelton’s latest addition from the UK and hails from St Neots, England. She is currently enrolled at Filton College where she is a member of the Bristol Academy team and is coached by Mark Sampson. Bristol Academy is regarded as the top Academy in England and has won back-to-back national championships. She is the daughter of Sue Fensome.

Fensome has been a starter at Bristol Academy for the two years she has been enrolled in the program and currently serves as one of the team captains. Bristol is undefeated in their march towards a third consecutive national championship.

“Louis is a quality defender that can excel anywhere across the backline. She has an outstanding understanding of the game and her experience playing at one of the top levels in England will be very valuable to our squad,” Yelton stated.

Lanter hails from Soddy-Daisy, Tenn. and attended Soddy-Daisy High School. Her older sister, Paige, plays her college soccer at Samford under the direction of Coach Matt Yelton’s brother, Todd Yelton. Claire is the daughter of Greg and Jeana Lanter.

Claire had a very successful high school career at Soddy-Daisy under the direction of coach Moises Drummond. While she captainied the team, Soddy-Daisy won two district and regional championships and also advancing to the state quarterfinals in 2007. For her efforts she was twice voted the District 6 MVP and also Regional Defensive Player of the Year Honors in her junior and senior seasons. In addition she was twice recognized as the Times-Free Press Best of Preps award winner, and capped off her senior season with an all-state selection.

Lanter played her club soccer under Yelton and a was crucial to the teams success the last two season as the club advanced to the 2007 State Cup Final. In 2008, Lanter was a key component of the squad that captured the Region Three Premier League title and lead the league in goals against as Express advanced to Southern Regionals.

“Claire is another local player who we are excited about getting into our program," said Yelton. "Having had the opportunity to work with her the last three years, I believe she has all of the qualities of an excellent college player. Claire possesses everything we look for in a player – size, speed, quickness, work rate, passing ability and skill to make things happen. "She loves the game of soccer and her abilities in defense will impact our team immediately," added Yelton. "Claire has really come into her own the past two years and could help us in a number of defensive positions. We are excited to have her as a Lady Flame and our fans will enjoy her abilities.”

Muratta is one of two players that Yelton reached into the state of Alabama to recruit. Lindsey is from Gadsden and prepped at Gadsden City High under the direction of coach Billy Martin. She played her club soccer for the Gadsden Tornado. She is the daughter of Paul and Mary Muratta and Cindy Kasper.

While at Gadsden City, she led the team to a Final Four of the Alabama State Tournament as a freshman and then went on to be named her team’s MVP the next four seasons. She was named to multiple all-district and all-region teams. For her club team she helped direct the team to two state championships while also spending time with the Alabama ODP team.

“Lindsey is a hard working defender who is going to give you her best every time out," said Yelton. "She is a good passer of the ball and is constantly hitting quality distribution from the back line. She is also strong on the ball and reads the game well. I believe she will develop into a very good player for the Lady Flames.”

Shaw is the second player that Yelton was able to persuade to leave the state of Alabama. She is from Birmingham and has spent the last five seasons of a very successful high school career at Briarwood Christian. She is the daughter of Bob and Cindy Shaw.

Missy has been a mainstay in midfield for Briarwood, starting as an eighth grader and establishing the team as one of the tops in Alabama. In her time patroling the midfield, Briarwood has played in four straight state championship matches, and won the title twice in 2005 and 2006. She will be looked upon to lead the team to their third state title as the 2009 season kicks off in a few weeks.

Her club team has been equally impressive in their achievements while she has been a member of the team. She has spent her club career playing for Birmingham United Elite and has been a part of three state championship teams. This past December her team captured the championship while competing in the elite Disney Showcase.

“Missy is a player who I think has a great understanding of the game,” said Yelton. “She has worked hard to develop her own game and because of her technical ability rarely concedes possession. She will bring a lot of intensity and desire to our team and we believe that she will make an impact right away.”

Wilson is the final member of the 2009 class. She is another local product from Chattanooga who prepped for Chattanooga Christian. She is the daughter of Gerald and Janice Wilson.

Leah has spent the last five seasons as the starting goalkeeper for one of the top A-AA schools in Tennessee. In her five years with the team, CCS has played in one state final, two semi-final matches, and one quarterfinal match.

In her five-year career, she racked up 58 shutouts on her way to being named a three year member of the Chattanooga Best of Preps team and was selected to the prestigious Tennessee All-State Team in her sophomore, junior and senior seasons.

“The biggest thing about her is she brings skill and athletic ability that are hard to find in a goalkeeper,” Yelton said. “She already has the skill to step into a good college program and play right away, and I think she’ll continue to improve.” Read More......

Funny errors lighten up Lee

Is it a bad sign when your telecommunications class has had its name misspelt in Angel since the semester began and no one's noticed?

I suppose in an effort to make electronic media sound more friendly, it's now electronice.

While we're on the topic of off-kilter mistakes, a new Student List e-mail just appeared in my inbox.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the questionnaire today, because I don't get off of work until 4:650 p.m.
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