Saturday, January 3, 2009

Teachers: That file you can't open? Intentional.

Please leave me alone.

I'm taking a moment to mourn right now.

Not just for Lee University professors, but for dishonest students.

We've heard the story before. The student uploads the homework assignment to Angel just before it's due, the teacher has trouble with the file format, but understands that the student did their best, so some extra time is given to resend that assignment.

Turns out the assignment wasn't finished. Using sympathy dollars, the student just purchased some extra time.


It's a web-based program called File Destructor.

Students simply type in the file name and size, choose an extension, and download a document that just won't work to pass on to their professors.

It's a dirty scheme, but someone has to call them out on it.

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Christina said...

Wow, that's awful. As a teacher now myself, I'm glad I found out about this.

However, the legit not being able to open a file format thing has happened to me before.... so I always print and bring a hard copy to class just in case!