Sunday, January 25, 2009

Student gives tip about giving tips

Storms Hall is made of money. Girls at Lee? Not so much.

Lee University senior Chuck Morgan, an employee at the Cleveland Domino's Pizza, composed a Facebook note today bashing Lee students for their "mean" tipping practices.

"I'm tired of delivering...and getting stiffed," he wrote. "This is my lively hood, this is how I get by, and all you Lee Students do is send me away with no tip, thanks."

Morgan said that President Conn, as well as most of the faculty, usually tip well.

Mapping out the average tips across campus by dorm, Morgan said that male residence halls at Lee tend to be more generous than female residences, and even if the guys stiff him, they're still "nice about it."

The girls are a whole different story, he said.

"Not only don't [the girls] tip, I'd say almost 95 percent of the time, but they are mean about it."

Of the residence halls listed, Storms Hall tipped the most ($3.04) while Sharp-Davis reigned as the cheapest ($0.97). While he noted that he had never delivered to Atkins-Ellis Hall, the business administration/youth ministry major left a few residences off of the list including his own (Hicks Hall) and Brinsfield Row, Nora Chambers and Carroll Courts.

According to, on orders less than $20, the proper amount in 2008 was a $3 minimum.

Morgan's profile states that he is a shift leader and driver for the Domino's and that he has worked there for two years.

Read the full text of his message to friends below:

I work for a particular pizza company, that I will keep to myself although you can find out on my page, and we have several Lee specials for Lee students, and staff. Being a student myself I know that money is tight sometimes, thats why I got a job, but I'm tired of delivering to my place of higher education on a delivery and getting stiffed, for you who don't know what that means it not getting a tip. This is my lively hood, this is how I get by, and all you Lee Students do is send me away with no tip, thanks. This isn't the case for all of Lee. Dr. Paul Conn gives a generous tip, most of the faculty does, but you students... not so much.

Today I did go to O'Bannon Hall and got a $5 tip. I have noticed a trend though. When I go to a guys dorm, I tend to make more, but those ladies dorms is a different story. Now, I have gotten stiffed at a guys dorm before, but they are nice about it. Those girls though are mean. Not only don't they tip, I'd say almost 95% of the time, but they are mean about it. For instance, there are these things called credit/debit cards that girls pay with most of the time, and they have a line for tip, total, and signature. Lately what I have done, to insure that people realize there is a line for tips, I double circle the word "tip", and circle the word "total", and put a "x" where they need to sign, but the majority of the time those girls still just sign the slip and hand it back to me. If you are going to stiff your driver, atleast put $0.00 in the tip section. The last time I delivered to Sharp-Davis Hall, the girl was writing a "2" in the tip section, then crossed it out. That is messed up. Here is a list of the dorms in which tip the best since I have been a delivery driver. I also went through my records and figured out the average tip per dorm.

• Storms Hall $3.04
• Medlin Hall $2.69
• Hughes Hall $2.64
• O'bannon/Bowdle Hall $2.13
• Cross Hall $2.09
• Livingston/Keeble Hall $2.01
• Tharp Hall $1.68
• Simmons Hall $1.54
• Sharp-Davis $0.97
• Atkins-Ellis Hall --- (never have delivered here

You see it is crazy. It is mostly the girls' dorms that don't tip. So, please for the love of God, TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVER!!!!

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