Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snowdrift into my heart, please....

I was promised snow.

And where is it? Where, where, where, where, where??

Like a kid stomping his feet when a mall Santa refuses to get him mace for Christmas, I'm infuriated by the weather.

On the days it's cold, there's no snow to show for it. It's like going to a birthday party and not having cake. It's irrational.

Then on the days when snow is forecasted, it's warmer than ever and sure, maybe a few flurries tease our tongues as we lift our faces heavenward, but within minutes, it's as if the climate's custodial crew came to rid us of any residue.

I apologize that this, my 300th blog post, had to be a rant.

I'm just tired of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying...

Well, I won't give up planning and dreaming for the charm of some snow sticker than a postage stamp to whiten Lee's campus like a crate of Colgate.

But it had better come soon.

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