Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pizza publicity may be linked to "improved tips"

Chuck Morgan, who previously wrote a note bashing Lee students for their bad tipping behaviors, believes publicity has helped solve the problem. Check out his newest note after the jump.

Call it coinsidence, or luck, or maybe genious, but my note about tipping might be working. Since I posted the note on 1-24-09, not just my tips, but every driver at my job's tips have improved.

It was pretty funny that the Lee Clarion had a small article about my note. I felt kind of bad about my note afterward. The articel cut and pasted some of my note, and it made me sound like a complete horse's buttocks. I didn't realize that I sounded like that when I was writting it. I do not regret anything I said, but I was in a bad mood. That night I delivered to Lee three times. I got a $3 tip at Hughes, then I went to Sharp-Davis and the couple that ordered the pizza was going to give me a couple of bucks. The boyfriend gave his girlfriend $19 on a $16 order, the girl asked me what the total was, and I told her it was $16, and she but the extra dollars in her pocket. On my last delivery of the day, I went to Nora Chambers and the girl paid with a credit/debit card, and was writing $1 in the tip portion of the card, and then scribbled it out and gave me zip. How do I know that she changed her mind about the tip. Her total was $8, and so there was no need to write a "1".

Anyway, so I was just in a bad mood. I hope that my note and the article in the paper doesn't hurt business. But on another note, I didn't realize that I forgot Hicks Halls tips, I average $1.85 at Hicks. At Nora Chambers I average $1.34. I don't live at Hicks anymore, that was fall 2006. I'm off campus now.

One thing that the article made me realize, is that I'm NOT expecting to get a $5 tip everytime I go to Lee, but something, anything would be nice. $1 is great! The difference between the drivers at my store and other pizza delivery places is that most of the time, the drivers help make the pizza's that you get, so you arn't tipping a guy who just delivers your pizza, you could be tipping the guy that helped make your pizza.

Like I said before, this thing might be working. I am doing a experiment at work. To help get a more diverse number, I have asked all of the drivers to write down which dorm and how much they recieved from that dorm. I am getting numbers for one month, which ends on Feb. 25.

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