Monday, January 26, 2009

New menu items: Winner and Loser

Like bitter enemies boasting exotic tastes but sharing one plate in common, two new dishes have recently transformed the dining experience at Deacon Jones.

First, the barbeque chicken pizza. With lush lumps of meaty chicken goodness, one only has to imagine the savory deliciousness oozing from a crust of pure Sodexo.

Unfortunately, the slice of feathery pizza doesn't do a thing for me. I give the dish a thumbs down, though those who prefer spice over substance may dig in with every digit of both hands.

The real winner on the dining hall's new menu is the quesadilla and fries combo. The 'dillas are cooked to perfection and taste like a slice of an angel's halo. The only drawback? You may need to grab two to make a full dish of it.

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