Monday, January 26, 2009

Midseason basketball athlete reflections

"Everyone had high expectations coming off of the great year the team had last season. So far with losing four games it would seem that our team has not lived up to those expectations. We see it different though. Often you can't enjoy the sweet times without experiencing some sour times in between. Our team has gone through adversity and faced many challenges, and now I believe we are better equipped for the end of the season. Now, when the national tournament rolls around, we will have more experience when facing difficult situations and times. We are getting stronger every day and are looking forward to finishing strong..."

- Stephen McClellan

"I think that this year is different than last year is, obviously our record. We have had a few close games this year thus far, losing some and winning some. Having lost a few games, it motivates us to get better and better each day. Having an uphill battle to come out on top in the conference motivates us to come out everyday in practice and in games to compete hard and give everything we got on the court. I think that our team has really come together since the beginning of the year and we are playing more together. Lee can expect big things to happen with this squad as we enter crunch time in conference play and hoping to further our season to make our return to Kansas City for the national tournament."

- Jeff Barnhart

"We are a more inside-oriented team than a year ago, having said that we are still running our same offense from last season with a few new wrinkles to it. We have very strong senior leadership and great returning players; coupled with a strong recruiting class, [that] has led to great things. This team has the ability to be as good as they want to be. Our goals really don't change from season to season, we are first trying to win our regular season conference, then win the conference tournament championship which gives us an automatic bid to the national tournament. Our offensive and defensive adjustments we really do as we prepare for every game and then more often than not we make adjustments in game, which is usually the difference in the game. We are 12-4 for a reason, and if closing out games was a problem for us I think our record would show it. We are very pleased with the growth of our new players and we expect great thing out of them and the rest of our team in the weeks to come.

- Coach Tommy Brown

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