Sunday, January 11, 2009

It didn't go home for Christmas.

Avid fans of this blog will have already groaned and rolled their eyes by the time they get to this lead sentence.

If you're a newbie, here's why: I have a secret obsession with tracking the hanger pictured above.

That indigo monster has likely been hanging in the chasm between the stall and the wall in the men's room at the Deacon Jones Dining Hall since the beginning of the academic year.

And how I've returned from Christmas break to find it still at rest, naked, and left to fend for itself.

I first wrote about Clothless Blue on October 13, after I had noticed it hanging for over a month. More than four weeks later on November 17, I posted another photo and asked, "How long will the madness continue?"

After all, it is a mystery hanger. No one uses it, no one has removed it. At this rate it could be in the restroom for the entirety of the 2008-2009 academic year.

Maybe I should post a reward for anyone who finally takes it away.

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