Monday, January 5, 2009

Hockey at Lee?

Clubs and organizations abound at Lee University, yet there is still one activity that hasn’t been explored. We have wrestling and rugby, so perhaps the sport of hockey should be taken into consideration.

While it’s probably not the most realistic of choices, there are a few positive aspects of having a hockey team formed here at Lee.

1. A hockey team could help Lee gain the interest of more international students. In countries such as Canada, Russia, Finland, and Sweden, hockey is a very popular sport. Perhaps the opportunities to play or watch a hockey game near campus would encourage more students to come to Lee.
2. Forming a team would give current students a chance to experience this action packed sport. Unless you are coming from an area where hockey is prominent, chances are that it has flown under your sports radar; it is time for an awakening.
3. Having a hockey team would provide PR and advertising majors with an excellent opportunity to get out in the community and hone their skills.

However, as a realist, I must leave my soap box behind momentarily. It’s sad to say, but there are a number of reasons why Lee will most likely not have a hockey team.

1. The closest ice rink to the Cleveland area happens to be in Knoxville. That is a pretty long distance to drive to have an afternoon practice.
2. While hockey is a popular sport, I can safely hypothesize that a good portion of the student wouldn’t be interested in the formation of a team.
3. Lee doesn’t have a formal football team, which is by far one of the more popular sports in this region. If we don’t even have a football team, chances are highly stacked against a hockey team.

~ Saralyn Norkus

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