Monday, January 5, 2009

Historic Sketches Show Different Perspective of Lee

Can you name this building?

It's on Lee University's campus alright, in fact it's currently the largest building on campus.

The Humanities Center looked a bit different when it was first sketched and revealed to the public. As we know, it's gone through quite a few revisions since the original design.

Sketches (and now, computer generated images) have given us all a sneak preview of what to expect from that ugly construction site as we endure through the noise and the dust.

Take a look at our collection of Lee sketches through the ages:

There are a few subtle changes between sketches and the final product. For instance, the Lee flame logo atop the Humanities Center and the copper dome atop the student union. See what other modifications you can spot.

The Humanities Center:

The Beach Building:

Squires Library and the Pentecostal Research Center:

Recreation Center:

Paul Conn Student Union:

O'Bannon-Bowdle Residence Halls

Leonard Center:

School of Religion Building:

Science and Math Building:

The images of the science building, religion building and Leonard Center are courtesy of the Office of the President. The images of the Humanities Center, PCSU, and O'Bannon-Bowdle are from the Torch magazine. The image of the Recreation Center is courtesy of the Recreation Center office.

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