Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hiding the time from the elderly is of foremost importance to Lee

Have you ever noticed that time is apparently of no importance to the elderly?

Why would the older, wiser citizens of America have any need to keep track of the hours of the waning lives they're blessed to live?

Perhaps that's just the mindset I sense when I look at Lee's Humanities Center. The clock tower that stands well above the rest of the building proudly beams the time to all three directions of Lee's campus, but when it comes to the back, there's not a hand or number in sight.

North Cleveland Apartments, a skyscraper in comparison to Lee's quaint campus, edges the campus like a big brother spying on an anthill, lurking just behind the Humanities Center. The 65 and older residents are missing out on all of the benefits being able to read a clock has to offer.

So I ask, do seniors need time? Only, it appears, if they're graduating from college, not from life.

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