Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brett Favre must retire

I don't know how you feel about Brett Favre these days.

Photo from AP Press

Yes, I felt excited for him last August when he signed with the New York Jets. And yes, I quietly rooted for him behind the scenes despite my uncanny loyalty being entirely committed to the Tennessee Titans. And after a 8-3 record through the first 11 games of the regular season, I, along with much of the sports nation, could not help but feel Favre's decision to come back and play football with a new team was the right decision.

But as you well know by now, Favre and his underachieving Jets fell short of the NFL playoffs after a 1-4 finish through the season's final five games. Favre's impressive numbers and quarterback ratings through the season's halfway point eventually fell from noteworthy to something around medicre (perhaps subpar by Favre's standards) by season's end. Now Favre faces the prospect of retirement...again.

Oh boy, we've seen this before for what seems like the past 10 years, haven't we? Favre finishes another season short of accomplishing his ultimate goal, and at his final conference, he addresses all that's going on in that unpredictable head of his. So now let the media games and drama being! Perhaps ESPN should donate some coverage time to TNT, since they claim to know drama!

Luckily New York still has the Giants to cheer for, otherwise the situation in the Long Island/Empire state would be fairly bleak at the moment. Overall you can't blame the Jets' failure solely on Favre. However, now that his season is over, I can't bare to stand anymore articles/releases on what Favre's next move might be. It seriously prompts the question why do I even bother keeping up with his personal matters anymore. The Jets invested in a man who could be temporary face of a franchise that is years removed from locking in on a Super Bowl appearance. And chances are at least moderately high the Favre era in New York will be one and done.

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