Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pizza publicity may be linked to "improved tips"

Chuck Morgan, who previously wrote a note bashing Lee students for their bad tipping behaviors, believes publicity has helped solve the problem. Check out his newest note after the jump.

Call it coinsidence, or luck, or maybe genious, but my note about tipping might be working. Since I posted the note on 1-24-09, not just my tips, but every driver at my job's tips have improved.

It was pretty funny that the Lee Clarion had a small article about my note. I felt kind of bad about my note afterward. The articel cut and pasted some of my note, and it made me sound like a complete horse's buttocks. I didn't realize that I sounded like that when I was writting it. I do not regret anything I said, but I was in a bad mood. That night I delivered to Lee three times. I got a $3 tip at Hughes, then I went to Sharp-Davis and the couple that ordered the pizza was going to give me a couple of bucks. The boyfriend gave his girlfriend $19 on a $16 order, the girl asked me what the total was, and I told her it was $16, and she but the extra dollars in her pocket. On my last delivery of the day, I went to Nora Chambers and the girl paid with a credit/debit card, and was writing $1 in the tip portion of the card, and then scribbled it out and gave me zip. How do I know that she changed her mind about the tip. Her total was $8, and so there was no need to write a "1".

Anyway, so I was just in a bad mood. I hope that my note and the article in the paper doesn't hurt business. But on another note, I didn't realize that I forgot Hicks Halls tips, I average $1.85 at Hicks. At Nora Chambers I average $1.34. I don't live at Hicks anymore, that was fall 2006. I'm off campus now.

One thing that the article made me realize, is that I'm NOT expecting to get a $5 tip everytime I go to Lee, but something, anything would be nice. $1 is great! The difference between the drivers at my store and other pizza delivery places is that most of the time, the drivers help make the pizza's that you get, so you arn't tipping a guy who just delivers your pizza, you could be tipping the guy that helped make your pizza.

Like I said before, this thing might be working. I am doing a experiment at work. To help get a more diverse number, I have asked all of the drivers to write down which dorm and how much they recieved from that dorm. I am getting numbers for one month, which ends on Feb. 25.

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The Best of Lee's Open Mic Night

While you can see the Lee Clarion's video highlights of Open Mic Night online here, limiting the performances to one-minute each severely disrupts the artistic nature of many of the pieces.

So, I'd like to show you three of my favorite pieces from the night in their full entirety. Check out the jump for my picks.

Aaron Stout performed a hilariously original and amazingly funny song about his love for Sara Lee. Check it out below:

Ben Hurst delivered a startlingly convincing speech detailing why Herbert Hoover does not exist. Here it is:

The winning piece of the night was actually my favorite as well. Junior biochemistry major Robert Counts won with an original, tear-jerking song, that is probably the most beautiful original music I've ever heard at an open mic night. Here's the full piece:

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Errors plague Spanish Cafe worksheets

I'm supposed to be learning Spanish, but all I seem to recall from the language cafe labs is how badly the English language can be butchered.

Take for example, the week two activity sheet above. The sheet is one of many assignments passed around for the lab that features horribly incorrect English in the instructions. How many errors can you find and, more importantly, who proofreads these?

As fun an activity as Lee University's language cafes are, it's sad to be distracted by mistakes when I'm expected to practice perfection. Just saying...

Make the jump to see two more pictures of error-plagued worksheets.

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New chapel logo a beautiful change

The new logo for Conn Center chapel is perfect.

The logo, a stylized blend of rough texture and simplistic modern font is a welcoming change to the over-done embossed letters and glowing flame of the past.

The simplicity is welcoming, modern, cool.

See an image of the previous look below:
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Face morphing application offers endless fun.

Dr. Conn's celebrity look-alike is movie star Christopher Lee, according to's face morphing application.

Lee, Conn? Seem to go together, don't they?

Lee is known most recently for his role in the Star Wars saga as Count Dooku.

See who your celebrity look-alike is and create your own face morph here. Read More......

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Professor Walton?

When I walked into Spanish class early this morning my peers were abuzz in a conversation comparing the looks of Lee professor Dr. Blayne Carroll and the television character John Boy Walton.

So, we used our precious pre-class time to search for both images and match them on the projection screen.

Dr. Carroll is an associate professor of mathematics. John Boy Walton. played by Richard Thomas, was a central character in the television show "The Waltons."

Do you know of any other professor-celebrity look alikes? Let us know in the comments. Read More......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Did Obama inspire Lee billboards?


Lee University's promotional billboards on the highways leading to Cleveland have been highlighted by a simple message for over a year now: "Yes, You Can."

The motto is eerily similar to President Obama's campaign slogan: "Yes, We Can!" Read More......

Monday, January 26, 2009

New menu items: Winner and Loser

Like bitter enemies boasting exotic tastes but sharing one plate in common, two new dishes have recently transformed the dining experience at Deacon Jones.

First, the barbeque chicken pizza. With lush lumps of meaty chicken goodness, one only has to imagine the savory deliciousness oozing from a crust of pure Sodexo.

Unfortunately, the slice of feathery pizza doesn't do a thing for me. I give the dish a thumbs down, though those who prefer spice over substance may dig in with every digit of both hands.

The real winner on the dining hall's new menu is the quesadilla and fries combo. The 'dillas are cooked to perfection and taste like a slice of an angel's halo. The only drawback? You may need to grab two to make a full dish of it. Read More......

Go directly to gel

For around a dozen hours today the public men's room on the first floor of the Paul Conn Student Union became a private barber shop for one mysterious student.

A tube of Black Kenneth Cole after shave gel and a bottle of not-yet-empty styling gel were left casually strewn across the sink pleading to be used up by any helpless soul who came along.

It's a terrific idea. If only every Lee student would bring their nearly-depleted toiletries and litter them across the washrooms in the PCSU. We could freshen up with a different scent and style each time. Beautiful! Read More......

Love Letters

I knew I should have been suspicious when all of my chapel schedules were delivered with roses and my letters from home came strangely sealed with dotted violet lipstick.

But this just takes it too far...

If Lee's post office really does have a secret crush on me, I think they just revealed it to the point of no return.

Now I'll have to slip a box of chocolates into the stamp drawer at the front desk when no one's looking and ring the bell... Read More......

Signs for the rule-breakers

When throngs of Lee students return home every weekend, the dining hall condenses, cutting the number of available tables in half by blocking off the balconies.

Apparently cutting off the entrances with tables and chairs hasn't been enough to stop those lone remaining students from jumping across the boundary and making messes on the edges.

Now a few new signs are accompanying the roadblock tables, reading "PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON BALCONY."

Hey, drastic times call for drastic measures.
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Concrete paths replace foot trails at the religion building

Maintenance staff has spent the day pouring two new sidewalks to the School of Religion building.

The sidewalks, which lead directly to Sharp Hall and Livingston Hall are likely the result of students' repeated trampling across the pristine grassy lawn.

This isn't the first time Lee has constructed sidewalks to give into student demand. Several semesters ago Lee poured a more direct path to the student union from Alumni Park. A worn trail of dirt had previously served as a reminder that when it comes to college students, a beeline is the best line.
Photos and information courtesy of Jason Feliciano. Read More......

Midseason basketball athlete reflections

"Everyone had high expectations coming off of the great year the team had last season. So far with losing four games it would seem that our team has not lived up to those expectations. We see it different though. Often you can't enjoy the sweet times without experiencing some sour times in between. Our team has gone through adversity and faced many challenges, and now I believe we are better equipped for the end of the season. Now, when the national tournament rolls around, we will have more experience when facing difficult situations and times. We are getting stronger every day and are looking forward to finishing strong..."

- Stephen McClellan

"I think that this year is different than last year is, obviously our record. We have had a few close games this year thus far, losing some and winning some. Having lost a few games, it motivates us to get better and better each day. Having an uphill battle to come out on top in the conference motivates us to come out everyday in practice and in games to compete hard and give everything we got on the court. I think that our team has really come together since the beginning of the year and we are playing more together. Lee can expect big things to happen with this squad as we enter crunch time in conference play and hoping to further our season to make our return to Kansas City for the national tournament."

- Jeff Barnhart

"We are a more inside-oriented team than a year ago, having said that we are still running our same offense from last season with a few new wrinkles to it. We have very strong senior leadership and great returning players; coupled with a strong recruiting class, [that] has led to great things. This team has the ability to be as good as they want to be. Our goals really don't change from season to season, we are first trying to win our regular season conference, then win the conference tournament championship which gives us an automatic bid to the national tournament. Our offensive and defensive adjustments we really do as we prepare for every game and then more often than not we make adjustments in game, which is usually the difference in the game. We are 12-4 for a reason, and if closing out games was a problem for us I think our record would show it. We are very pleased with the growth of our new players and we expect great thing out of them and the rest of our team in the weeks to come.

- Coach Tommy Brown Read More......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comparing Conn and Obama

It's not hard to notice similarities between the careers of President Paul Conn and President Barack Obama. Take a look at the list we've developed below:

1) Both studied at Harvard University.

2) Both have authored bestselling books, including "The Possible Dream" and "Dreams of My Father."

3) Both are eloquent speakers who reach out to a young generation.

4) Both have been asked to run for office by the Democratic party.

5) Both have served as a college professor for over ten years.

6) Both assumed the presidency relatively young, while in their forties.

7) Both have ushered growth to their organizations. As director of Chicago's Developing Communities Project, Obama saw the staff grow from one to 13 and the annual budget grew from $70,000 to $400,000. Similarly, Conn has tripled Lee enrollment from 1,214 to more than 4,000. The size of Lee University's budget has quadrupled.

Notice anything else? Leave a comment and share your thoughts... Read More......

Mauldin celebrates 55 years, 20 at Lee

Wish a happy 55th birthday today to Dr. Walt Mauldin, Lee University's vice president for student life.

Mauldin began his Lee career in 1989 and became vice president seven years ago this month. Read More......

Alumnus snaps firsthand photos at inauguration

Lee University alumnus Brett Wise ('07) decided on a whim to go on a trip with his friends to Washington, D.C. to see the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

Take a look at these photos he snapped and then visit his Web site to see more of his work.

Read his story about the trip after the jump:

So how did it start you ask? Well, it went something like this.

January 20, 2009 Cleveland, TN 12:32AM:

“Do you want to go to DC?”

“Uh, yes? Are you serious?”

“Yes I’m serious, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Right now!”

“Okay fine, we’re going. Everyone let’s go, now! Get in the car. Everyone get in the car right now.”

Everyone gets in the car and I drive while everyone sleeps. I get tired outside Knoxville so I pull over and sleep for an hour. Later I find out that no one even knew that I had stopped. I guess they were tired.

I wake and drive (there is a picture on that link) 2 more hours. Someone else then takes over and I start trying to figure out how to get us into the city. Thankfully I had my iPhone. I pull up Twitterfon. I think to myself, “Who is in DC that I know? O yes, Don Miller is.” A minute later I’ve sent him this message, “@donmilleris about 5 hours outside DC. Any tips on how to successfully park? Is it even possible? What is the situation on the ground?”

Of course Don was too busy to help me out. So then I decide to try someone (a random person found via twitterfon search) a little lower on the social ladder. They are nice enough to reply, but are out-of-towners and don’t know anything, foiled again.

I then put out a general tweet hoping someone is watching the #inaug09 feed and sees my SOS. Soon enough I get an e-mail on my iPhone informing me that Inauguration Travel is now following me. Now we are getting somewhere. I soon find there are some very helpful people on the other end of Inauguration Travel and quickly find out that the best way into DC is via the DC metro from Vienna. Serveral hours later we realize we are still 2 hours out and find that we are cutting it rediculously close. I begin to think, “If I had just avoided taking that nap.”

We are getting closer and then finally there it is, the Vienna exit signs. I had been hearing from various sources that all the parking decks were full across DC so we parked at a nearby school only to be told that they weren’t full. So we drive up to the deck and walk to the metro and buy commemoritive Obama metro passes. We are soon on the metro with what I think is time to spare. Little did I know.

We actually didn’t get to the national mall until 11:57 or 3 minutes before Obama was sworn in. We had just barely made it. We ended up finding a jumbo-tron on which to watch the historical moment. There were speakers that allowed us to hear it.

The crowd was emotional. Some were laughing and some were crying tears of joy. Everyone was happy and a lot people seemed to have an expression on their faces that told they wondered what would happen in the next 4 years.

Very few times has a bed felt as good as it did that early morning when we finally made it back. I drove back most of the way and when it got late I started injesting enough caffine to put a small animal down for good. We made it back safely.

In the end we made it to DC and back again in a little over 24 hours. 20 hours driving and 4 hours in DC. A long trip, but worth every bit of effort.
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Student gives tip about giving tips

Storms Hall is made of money. Girls at Lee? Not so much.

Lee University senior Chuck Morgan, an employee at the Cleveland Domino's Pizza, composed a Facebook note today bashing Lee students for their "mean" tipping practices.

"I'm tired of delivering...and getting stiffed," he wrote. "This is my lively hood, this is how I get by, and all you Lee Students do is send me away with no tip, thanks."

Morgan said that President Conn, as well as most of the faculty, usually tip well.

Mapping out the average tips across campus by dorm, Morgan said that male residence halls at Lee tend to be more generous than female residences, and even if the guys stiff him, they're still "nice about it."

The girls are a whole different story, he said.

"Not only don't [the girls] tip, I'd say almost 95 percent of the time, but they are mean about it."

Of the residence halls listed, Storms Hall tipped the most ($3.04) while Sharp-Davis reigned as the cheapest ($0.97). While he noted that he had never delivered to Atkins-Ellis Hall, the business administration/youth ministry major left a few residences off of the list including his own (Hicks Hall) and Brinsfield Row, Nora Chambers and Carroll Courts.

According to, on orders less than $20, the proper amount in 2008 was a $3 minimum.

Morgan's profile states that he is a shift leader and driver for the Domino's and that he has worked there for two years.

Read the full text of his message to friends below:

I work for a particular pizza company, that I will keep to myself although you can find out on my page, and we have several Lee specials for Lee students, and staff. Being a student myself I know that money is tight sometimes, thats why I got a job, but I'm tired of delivering to my place of higher education on a delivery and getting stiffed, for you who don't know what that means it not getting a tip. This is my lively hood, this is how I get by, and all you Lee Students do is send me away with no tip, thanks. This isn't the case for all of Lee. Dr. Paul Conn gives a generous tip, most of the faculty does, but you students... not so much.

Today I did go to O'Bannon Hall and got a $5 tip. I have noticed a trend though. When I go to a guys dorm, I tend to make more, but those ladies dorms is a different story. Now, I have gotten stiffed at a guys dorm before, but they are nice about it. Those girls though are mean. Not only don't they tip, I'd say almost 95% of the time, but they are mean about it. For instance, there are these things called credit/debit cards that girls pay with most of the time, and they have a line for tip, total, and signature. Lately what I have done, to insure that people realize there is a line for tips, I double circle the word "tip", and circle the word "total", and put a "x" where they need to sign, but the majority of the time those girls still just sign the slip and hand it back to me. If you are going to stiff your driver, atleast put $0.00 in the tip section. The last time I delivered to Sharp-Davis Hall, the girl was writing a "2" in the tip section, then crossed it out. That is messed up. Here is a list of the dorms in which tip the best since I have been a delivery driver. I also went through my records and figured out the average tip per dorm.

• Storms Hall $3.04
• Medlin Hall $2.69
• Hughes Hall $2.64
• O'bannon/Bowdle Hall $2.13
• Cross Hall $2.09
• Livingston/Keeble Hall $2.01
• Tharp Hall $1.68
• Simmons Hall $1.54
• Sharp-Davis $0.97
• Atkins-Ellis Hall --- (never have delivered here

You see it is crazy. It is mostly the girls' dorms that don't tip. So, please for the love of God, TIP YOUR DELIVERY DRIVER!!!!

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Hiding the time from the elderly is of foremost importance to Lee

Have you ever noticed that time is apparently of no importance to the elderly?

Why would the older, wiser citizens of America have any need to keep track of the hours of the waning lives they're blessed to live?

Perhaps that's just the mindset I sense when I look at Lee's Humanities Center. The clock tower that stands well above the rest of the building proudly beams the time to all three directions of Lee's campus, but when it comes to the back, there's not a hand or number in sight.

North Cleveland Apartments, a skyscraper in comparison to Lee's quaint campus, edges the campus like a big brother spying on an anthill, lurking just behind the Humanities Center. The 65 and older residents are missing out on all of the benefits being able to read a clock has to offer.

So I ask, do seniors need time? Only, it appears, if they're graduating from college, not from life. Read More......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh no, it's a Lee Clarion!

It's always nice to know your work is appreciated.

In this video Lee University junior Jason Feliciano risks his life to rescue a stranded issue of the Lee Clarion.

I salute him. Read More......

Friday, January 23, 2009

Walker carpet being replaced

The basement of the Walker Memorial Building is currently undergoing an extensive floor transplant.

Physical Plant employees have been denuding the floor of all carpet over the past few days, preparing for some new threads to make their arrival.

See another image after the jump.

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Ocoee St. gets new sign

It appears that Lee University is constructing a new brick sign on the South edge of campus facing Ocoee Street.

The new sign sits between the Admissions Center and the Cleveland Public Library.

This is just another example of a small news tidbit that you would have read first via Lee Clarion's Twitter account. Follow us here. Read More......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Double-checking those photos...

As a photographer, I've learned that it's kind of important to take note of hidden messages that slip into pictures without intention.

For instance, yesterday we shot pictures of Lee students in the Conn Center watching the inauguration of President Barack Obama.
Unfortunately, the Obama shirt on the young man above was wrinkled and obscured in such a way to read "HANG" instead of "CHANGE."

And in another intriguing example, shots of the giant screens displaying the coverage of CNN read backwards from behind.
The simple swap of perspective morphs the word "LIVE" into the semblance of "EVIL."
In summary, photos should be reviewed closely before they're used, no matter what the theme, time, or place.

• See more pictures from Obama's inauguration at Lee here. Read More......

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top 5 amusing things from Inauguration Day 2009

This post was contributed by Sara Dawson.
Barack Obama's inauguration was indeed a historical event for Americans and (as the commentators were sure to point out) the entire world.

It was also a milestone in my life: this was first presidential inauguration that I have ever endeavored to watch. In light of this fact, I watched every move and eagerly examined every detail. Having reflected upon the matter, I have decided to post the top five things that amused me about these proceedings.

5. Aretha Franklin's hat. Seriously, what is not to love about that lady and her sense of style? From the moment the cameras caught her in the viewfinders, that hat stole the show! Soft, yet catchy and stylishly ambiguous, that piece only helped to further accentuate her stellar performance.

4. The news feed. I watched the first half of the inaugural proceedings on CNN, which graciously provided a schedule of events as well as random facts posted on the bottom of the screen throughout the ceremony. I learned quite a few little tidbits of knowledge via this thoughtfulness, and for that I am truly grateful.

3. The presidential oath of office. If there's any way to reassure the American public of one's own fallibility, it's by having to listen twice to the first few lines of the oath before being able to repeat it. Congratulations, Mr. President, you won a little of my respect with that one.

2. The musicians. I don't know how many people stopped to think about the amazing feat that they were witnessing as "Hail to the Chief" roared through the speakers. Temperatures were in the 20's today in Washington D.C., and the wind made it feel more like 11 degrees (as I learned from the aforementioned news feed). Still, those cornet players were there, blowing into those metal instruments with all their might and skill, and it certainly payed off. Just watching Yo-Yo Ma and the other musicians made my fingers cold, yet they played beautifully. Kudos to them.

1. The benediction. "We ask for you to help us wait for that day when the black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead man, and when white will embrace what is right. Let all those who do justice and love mercy say 'Amen.'" Need I say more?

All in all, I enjoyed my first presidential inauguration. Maybe in future years I'll find a way to actually be present in Washington D.C. for the occasion. Until then, I'll just keep an eye on the world from the sleepy state of Tennessee.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Only two at UChurch?

It's funny to look at this photo (plus the three more after the jump) and chuckle at the suggestion that chapel would continue, even if only two students were in the seats.

But on a serious note, it raises another question. While the first UChurch 234 of the semester was decently attended, the majority of students who were there sat toward the back of the Conn Center.

In essence, the front rows were mostly void of life while Dr. Conn gave his passionate message on Daniel and the den.

Why is that?

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Recent thoughts on Lee basketball: Part 1

For those who caught basketball fever at Lee last year, it probably wouldn't be so hard to understand how this season for both men's/women's teams has been...different.

With the season's midpoint behind us, it's time to analyze the progress of both teams. So in the coming weeks, different members of Lee Clarion's sport section will pitch in comments and expertise with quotes and images of your favorite players. Check back in the coming days as we update our series as Lee hosts an array of home games to conclude January:

Men's Basketball

Jan. 22

Reinhardt College
8:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

Jan. 24

Southern Polytechnic
7:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

Jan. 29

Southern Wesleyan
8:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

Women's Basketball

Jan. 22

Reinhardt College
6:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

Jan. 24

Southern Polytechnic
5:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

Jan. 29

Southern Wesleyan
6:00:00 PM EST
104.1 FM/Teamline

For now, revisit some early season highlight videos:

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lecture Hall to Black Box: What you need to know.

In case you missed it, the transformation of the Edna Minor Conn Lecture Hall occurred over holiday break, morphing the room into a dark and scary black box theater.

So what's changed in the giant room on the third floor of the Vest Building? A lot:

• The walls went from white to black, only fitting.

• A dark stage was built over the original floor at the center of the room, rendering handicapped access impossible.

• Two rows of seats were removed to make more room for acting.

• A lighting/sound control booth and stairs were built behind audience seating.

So what's the same?

• The windows. Shades can only block so much light.

• The classroom to stage left. Ideally this would be converted into dressing rooms and prop/set storage.

• The lights. No theatrical glow here. Same old boring fluorescents.

• That pesky whiteboard. You spend how much on a remodeling team and still can't remove that board?

See more pictures of the new black box theater after the jump.

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Don't Go There: The Beast

This is the eleventh part in the "Don't Go There" series. The series strives to unveil the most secret and secluded parts of campus to give ordinary students a glance at the unknown.

While the above spy shot may look like it came from the main control deck on the Death Star, that's far from the logical explanation.

The room is actually a secret maintenance hold inside the Atkins-Ellis dormitory complex.

While the blinking lights, suspended pipes and childish red stepladder may fool the casual bystander, don't let it dunce you: this room is a beast. Read More......

Snowdrift into my heart, please....

I was promised snow.

And where is it? Where, where, where, where, where??

Like a kid stomping his feet when a mall Santa refuses to get him mace for Christmas, I'm infuriated by the weather.

On the days it's cold, there's no snow to show for it. It's like going to a birthday party and not having cake. It's irrational.

Then on the days when snow is forecasted, it's warmer than ever and sure, maybe a few flurries tease our tongues as we lift our faces heavenward, but within minutes, it's as if the climate's custodial crew came to rid us of any residue.

I apologize that this, my 300th blog post, had to be a rant.

I'm just tired of wishing and hoping and thinking and praying...

Well, I won't give up planning and dreaming for the charm of some snow sticker than a postage stamp to whiten Lee's campus like a crate of Colgate.

But it had better come soon. Read More......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Recruiting news: Part III

From SI

The Lee baseball season is only three weeks away and coach Mark Brew has added three transfers to his program. Two are expected to step in and help immediately, while the other will be added to the red-shirt list. Aaron Everett was one of the top hurlers for coach Todd Raleigh at UT-Knoxville last season. His 2008 season ended with an arm-injury while pitching against the University of Florida. The native of Loudon, Tenn., is a 6-foot-3, 190-pound right-hander. He played for coach Bill Thompson at Loudon High and was a two-time all-state. During his senior season he was 13-1 with a 1.27 earned run average. During three seasons for the Vols, he was 8-1 with three saves and an ERA 2.82. He holds the UT record for eight-consecutive game appearances.

From the Chattanooga area, Tanner Moore is a 6-foot, 200 pound versatile player, who bats left and throws right and will be battling for playing time in the Lee infield. A two-time all-state player for Coach Chris Richardson at McCallie High School, Moore attended East Tennessee State University his freshman year and played for Coach Tony Skole. He started all 43 games as a freshman and hit .288 with three homers and 22 RBI. He also was second on the team hitting .338 in Atlantic Sun Conference action. In 2008 at Tennessee, he played for coach Raleigh and appeared in 50 games, starting in 14. He posted a .218 average with three doubles and seven RBI.

If looks are any indicator of talent, Brew has a big-time player with the signing of Junior Rodriguez. He's a transfer from Palm Beach Community College. At 6-foot-3, 200 pounds, the right-handed hitter can be used at third base or behind the plate. He graduated from Coral Gables High School in Miami and was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in the 46th round of the 2006 MLB draft. At Palm Beach, he played for coach Alex Morales and was first-team all-conference in 2007 home runs and hitting .365 with 31 RBI. He was all-conference again in 2008, batting.385 with eight homers and 51 RBI.

Brandon Cunniff joined the Flames during the fall semester. From Corona, Calif., the right-handed hurler graduated from Norco High School. He played at Riverside Community College in California as a freshman. He transferred to New Mexico Junior College for his sophomore season. Originally and infielder, Cunniff was converted to a full-time pitcher at New Mexico and recorded 7-3 mark with a 3.74 ERA. He registered 77 strikeouts in 65 innings pitched.

Thoughts from the Sports Editor:

Again, coach Mark Brew has exemplified professional discernment in his four selections, keeping in mind his team's needs after falling to Lewis-Clark State in last year's NAIA World Series. Despite a 63-10 record, Brew focused his attention on big time performers who could deliver in the clutch consistently. The addition of Everett will deepen the pitching rotation, and with his knack for endurance, the ex-UTK star could prove useful in case the injury bug strikes.

Easing the transition for Everett will be his former UTK teammate, Tanner Moore. Moore may be the most well-rounded pick up by Crew in the offseason and will be huge in the long run for the Flames.

In the final two losses against Lewis-Clark State, the heart of Lee's lineup failed to squeeze out clutch hits. The acquisition of Junior Rodriguez should help fill in any power gaps in the middle of Brew's order.

Finally, Brandon Cunniff will bring relief firepower to an already solid bullpen, as he averaged over a strikeout per inning at New Mexico Junior College. Given the strength and recognition of NM's program, Cunniff could be the sleeper of all the additions to Brew's crew. Read More......

Concerning Conn: The name that tells a tale.

I wanted to see if it was possible to write a short fictional story about President Paul Conn using every modern root word in the English language that begins with the letters C and O and N.

It has indeed been accomplished, using each word, in fact, only once in the story. See how many you can count:

I must confess that it was a controversial move when Dr. Paul Conn, president of Lee University, converted the construction of Lee's newest building into the world's biggest conservatory.

Consequently, it was of foremost concern for Conn to conduct a confidential survey of incoming students to confirm the continuance of his concept.

While the board of directors gave their consent, they had asked Conn to consider his contract and consult his conscience before continuing as well.

The day the new but nameless building was consecrated Conn contacted the Church of God congregation to congratulate all on the conclusion of the project.

Confetti fell while the last bit of concrete was poured into a concentric circle contour conjoining the structure with the concourse.

Years later, a connoisseur of conquest, Conn was consoling a concert pianist who had just conducted his final concerto, when he conceived of another idea. He would hold a congressional hearing consisting of both congressmen and the constituency of Lee faculty. Perhaps they all could conjure a constitutional solution that would provide for all possible contingencies, no matter the context.

After all, his great great great great grandfather was a conquistador who conquered the Congo through a conspiracy involving a contaminated conch and a condemned, but congenial mad man carrying contraband pandas. If his ancestor could concoct such a scheme of consummate conflict, why couldn't he confront the halls of Congress to convey his point?

Conn was so confident in his plans that he confided them with his confidant the pianist, who unfortunately happened to be a conniving con man who confiscated the documents in a colorless container to carry to a convention for convicted felons.

President Conn realized that the condition of the documents must be controlled to prevent prospective Lee consumers from contra dancing in conga lines across the continent.

Not content with simply contending to constrain what his plans contained, Conn opened a contest the week before convocation to convince students to conform their thoughts and concenter their conversations toward a consecutive goal.

Conscious of the fact that the plans were the most consequential evidence of his plans to unite the campus, Conn concurred with his wife that convoking all pianists across the globe for a conference would take a concerted effort.

The big day came, concessions were sold at Alumni Park (despite a lack of condiments), students contributed their time, even Condoleezza Rice showed up to contemplate the plan with fellow conservatives.

Rice had just gotten off of a train and waved goodbye to the conductor when she realized that he too was among the confederacy of pianists. As the convoy of instrumentalists began to appear and convene (contrary to what many were constantly whispering would happen), Conn met with Rice to express his condolences for the end of her term.

It was then that Conn spotted the confounded contortionist of a pianist who stole his constructive master plan for the institution. Rice stared at him with contempt, peering past the contrast of black and white into the contaminant beneath: a continual heart of black.

At that moment Conn yelled "Go!" and the consortium of conspicuous piano players surrounding the thief condensed around him, confining him to a consequence worse than any conscientious judge would ever concede to in an act of conciliation.

Connecting his wrists in handcuffs, the angry mob cast his body upon the dining hall conveyor belt, where he conjugated with the dirty dishes as onlookers congregated to watch, concentrating on the ugly scene before them.

Suddenly, the plans (which had previously been concealed in his convex-turned-concave pocket), popped out before he reached the convection oven in the kitchen.

Then all of a sudden, the crowd's contagious detestation was no longer construed as anger but with a completely different connotation.

President Conn delivered a concise but empowering message to the onlookers and in congruency the crowd shut off the belt, just before the conceited thief rolled into the barrel of juice concentration not yet prepared for consumption.

Despite a fit of consternation from a local concierge, Conn, rice, and the pianist drove a convertible to a local convenience store to buy fig pudding for an evening feast beneath the stars where faculty and students alike would sit on the condensation-covered grass and point out constellations.

Later that night Conn met with the forgiven thief in a conclave at the campus greenhouse built only a few years before. The greenhouse was a conjunction of conception and construct, Conn explained to weeping tears. In the same way, a friendship is contrived from the convergence of consolidated efforts. The consolation was more than the pianist could comprehend, but he accepted it regardless.

The next day, as Conn was walking down the stairs of the Humanities Center, he realized that he might have come off as a bit condescending the night before, despite his efforts to contradict the behavior. After weighing the pros and cons of the situation, he decided that the conundrum had become a convolution, and the consistency of his morals depended on a quick apology.

Using the campus concordance to find his longtime friend, Conn met with him in the conservation room of the new building. A considerate and polite chat ensued and by the end of it the building was finally named, in honor of the prodigal pianist.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

It didn't go home for Christmas.

Avid fans of this blog will have already groaned and rolled their eyes by the time they get to this lead sentence.

If you're a newbie, here's why: I have a secret obsession with tracking the hanger pictured above.

That indigo monster has likely been hanging in the chasm between the stall and the wall in the men's room at the Deacon Jones Dining Hall since the beginning of the academic year.

And how I've returned from Christmas break to find it still at rest, naked, and left to fend for itself.

I first wrote about Clothless Blue on October 13, after I had noticed it hanging for over a month. More than four weeks later on November 17, I posted another photo and asked, "How long will the madness continue?"

After all, it is a mystery hanger. No one uses it, no one has removed it. At this rate it could be in the restroom for the entirety of the 2008-2009 academic year.

Maybe I should post a reward for anyone who finally takes it away. Read More......

Friday, January 9, 2009

Identity crisis at the student union

If you're in the mood for a creepy video (aren't we all?), look no further than "I am Paul Conn."

In this video found on Google, a Lee student travels to every conceivable location in the Paul Conn Student Union declaring that he is, without a doubt, the university's president himself.

So next time you're ordering at the food court or checking mail at the post office, remember the haunting words of one man: "I am Paul Conn." Read More......

Presidential Domain already claimed

Who owns

The message "This domain is under construction" appears upon typing in the domain name.

So who registered the URL, and when?

A quick search at, a research service for domain names, reveals that Nate Tucker, Lee University's Associate Director of Information Services & Technology, purchased the site nearly eight years ago on April 3, 2001.

So the next logical question:

Who owns and

Both domains are controlled by a company titled Pathwayz Communications in Amarillo, Texas, where a Paul Conn is employed.

If you're looking for part of the action however, you can still get and Read More......

Flames Face No. 1 Mountain State on Saturday

Remembers last year's come-from-behind 73-72 upset of Mountain State? Well, get ready to unleash the excitement in hope for a repeat lashing Saturday night.

From SI

After finding a way to win a key SSAC game against Emmanuel College on Thursday, the Lee men's basketball team will turn its attention towards a battle with No. 1-ranked Mountain State University (W.Va.) on Saturday at 8 p.m.

Lee traveled to Beckley, W.Va. and upset Mountain State last season. Coach Tommy Brown and his Flames would like to turn the trick in Walker Arena. However, Brown admits it will take Lee's best effort of the season to turn back the powerful Cougars.

For the second straight Saturday, all elementary school-age students will be admitted free. "I encourage the local community to come out and witness one of the finest teams in basketball on any level," said Brown. "Coach Bob Bolen does a great job of recruiting top-notch players from all over the country."

Mountain State has been in the NAIA National Tournament for 15 straight years and won the championship in 2007. On the other hand, Brown has taken the Flames to the national tournament three straight years and the Flames reached the final eight in 2008. Read More......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

McKenzie Building donor files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Cleveland businessman Steve "Toby" McKenzie has filed for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy listing over $151 million in liabilities. McKenzie's donation was central to the construction of the $1 million McKenzie Athletic Center built on Lee University's campus in 2003.

McKenzie's debt includes $200,000 to the Bank of Cleveland, but is mostly owed to banks across the nation. The largest debt, $15 million, is owed to Green Bank in Knoxville.

McKenzie's success in business was praised by Lee's president, Dr. Paul Conn, at the McKenzie Athletic Center's dedication ceremony in February 2003.

"His success as a businessperson is legendary in our community," Conn said. "He not only brings to the table a good business mind, but also a natural instinct. He works hard, applies a natural touch and treats people right. Toby was thinking outside the box, before most of us realized there was a box. We are proud to be a partner of his in this project."

At the ceremony McKenzie said that it was a pleasure to help young athletes at Lee, noting that a person's athleticism comes out in the world of business.

"This is a great thing for me," McKenzie said at the time. "I and my family appreciate being a part of it."

The bankruptcy was prompted in part by the shaky real estate market, Kyle R. Weems, Mckenzie's lawyer, said. "We fully expect to reorganize," he added.

The check cashing business helped McKenzie accumulate his initial fortune. Weems said that McKenzie now has ownership in 118 limited liability companies that deal in everything from construction to real estate.

McKenzie was a prominent donor to schools beyond Lee as well. The former UTC Roundhouse was named McKenzie Arena in his honor after a large gift to pay off the project's debt.

Photo captions: Above- Rebecca McKenzie, Toby McKenzie, Dr. Paul Conn and Darlia Conn (left to right) at the McKenzie Athletic Center ribbon cutting. Below- The McKenzie Athletic Center.

Note: This story was covered by the Chattanoogan, the Cleveland Daily Banner and MSNBC. Read the original story about the dedication here.
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

World's first online face transplants?

I'd like to take a moment to share with you my two new favorite Web sites: and

Both sites provide an exceptional three-hour distraction from life, as evidenced by the poorly-Photoshopped picture at the left.

First of all, my apologies to the Conns, but they happen to make great models.

The Conns prove that uploading a face and attaching it to someone else's body has never been faster or more fun. Each of the pictures in this post took less than 30 seconds to create.

While FaceInHole has hundreds more templates to play around with and search through, as well as better tools to match the face up precisely, PhotoFunia has fewer but more professional templates to choose from.

The only drawback? No Facebook integration yet.

If only we could misplace the faces of our friends without having to go to extra effort...

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who deserves the namesake?

I just finished my class at Tomlinson Memorial before heading to the Payne Center for some lunch. Then I'll be at the Platt Building for a group meeting before going back to Jernigan Hall.

Doesn't sound familiar?

Perhaps you don't recognize the names because they're the only Lee University presidents not to have anything on campus named after them.

A.J. Tomlinson, T.S. Payne, John C. Jernigan and R. L. Platt put a combined total of 14 years in to serving the Lee community and today they're mostly forgotten remnants of history.

In fact, F.J. Lee, the institution's second president, only served as president for one year. So why does Flavius Josephus get the honor of having the entire school named after him?

Well, Lee was an early pastor at the North Cleveland Church of God, second general overseer of the denomination and authored ten books.

So second general overseer and second university president.

Who was the first and why isn't Lee named after him?

The first general overseer of the Church of God, the founding pastor of North Cleveland Church of God, and Lee's first president was Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson. He served the college for four years.

So why skip over the founding father of the whole shebang?

Perhaps because he was impeached from his position due to financial mismanagement and went on to form the Church of God of Prophecy.

Here's the history:

Through his work with Cashwell, Tomlinson became the general moderator of a new ministry known as the Church of God. Tomlinson's success in the Church of God was unparalleled. By 1914, Tomlinson had been granted the power to appoint pastors. Further, the church conferred upon him the position of general overseer for life. Unfortunately, Tomlinson was stripped of this position in 1923, when allegations of financial mismanagement surfaced. After being impeached from the church, Tomlinson moved on to form another group, known as the Church of the God of Prophecy.

The impeachment was the result of lax financial bookkeeping on Tomlinson's part. One explanation often cited for financial discrepancies was that Tomlinson may have used church funds to support struggling pastors and churches and had, on many occasions, reappropriated money from otherwise-designated funds, causing shortfalls. Although there was no indication that Tomlinson used church funds for himself, there were many within the organization who felt that this type of imprudence was an indicator of serious flaws within the organizational structure of the church.

So if Tomlinson gets the boot because he couldn't hire a financial adviser, who's next in line?

Oh yeah, Lee.

But let's think for a moment. Is there anyone else who might have deserved the namesake of the institution?

What about the first teacher of the school? Nora Chambers. She was perhaps also the second woman licensed by the Church of God to preach.

But then again, why would they name a flagship school after a woman, especially when to this day there has not been a female general overseer or president?

I know the suggestion comes a little late in the game, but why not name Lee after Dr. Charles Paul Conn?

Yes, everyone makes the jokes about Conn U. ("con you"), but seriously why not?

President Conn is Lee University's longest serving president with over two decades of service. If you add in his father's term, the Conn family has presided over Lee for 35 years, more than a third of the length of the school's existence.

Sure, Conn U. may get confused for being in Connecticut, but the real reason it won't change is because everyone likes the sound of "Lee."

It's short. It's easy to say and spell and type. It sounds modern and hip.

But in true perspective, let's look at who's done more for Lee.

Conn authored or co-authored 20 books, double the number of Lee's. Oh, and did Lee make it to the New York Times bestseller list?

Conn's also tripled Lee's population from 1,214 to over 4,000 today. And nearly 20 buildings have been constructed or renewed during his presidency.

Twenty-three years of service. One year of service.

Who deserves the credit?

Note: Historical information from Associated Content and
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Historic Sketches Show Different Perspective of Lee

Can you name this building?

It's on Lee University's campus alright, in fact it's currently the largest building on campus.

The Humanities Center looked a bit different when it was first sketched and revealed to the public. As we know, it's gone through quite a few revisions since the original design.

Sketches (and now, computer generated images) have given us all a sneak preview of what to expect from that ugly construction site as we endure through the noise and the dust.

Take a look at our collection of Lee sketches through the ages:

There are a few subtle changes between sketches and the final product. For instance, the Lee flame logo atop the Humanities Center and the copper dome atop the student union. See what other modifications you can spot.

The Humanities Center:

The Beach Building:

Squires Library and the Pentecostal Research Center:

Recreation Center:

Paul Conn Student Union:

O'Bannon-Bowdle Residence Halls

Leonard Center:

School of Religion Building:

Science and Math Building:

The images of the science building, religion building and Leonard Center are courtesy of the Office of the President. The images of the Humanities Center, PCSU, and O'Bannon-Bowdle are from the Torch magazine. The image of the Recreation Center is courtesy of the Recreation Center office.
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