Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Cleveland earthquake

Whenever I think of an earthquake, I think of Saved By The Bell. You know that episode where Bayside throws Mrs. Belding a baby shower, and as she’s leaving, the school she gets stuck in the elevator, ends up going into labor and having the baby naming it Zack? That’s what I think when I hear the word “earthquake.”

All of the sudden, while sitting in church, about to do the closing prayer, I felt the rattling of pipes underneath the building. I turned to my friend and asked what it was.

“An earthquake,” he replied.

Yeah right.

But he was right.

Sunday, November 1, 2009 Cleveland, Tennessee experienced a 3.0 earthquake at exactly 12:01 p.m.!

That’s right! Cleveland had an earthquake, and most people did not even know it!

I would not have known if I had not checked Facebook and saw my worship pastor post that the rumble we felt at church was a in fact a earthquake.

I still did not believe it, so, like any good journalist, I searched it on Google. Sure enough, Cleveland had one.

My research showed that at least one earthquake happens in the world everyday, but we just do not hear about it unless it’s of a heavy magnitude.

On the bright side, I have another unique life experience to mark off my “bucket list.”

This blog was written by Leslie Hartman.

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Placing our future spouse in God

How can we find the right guy or girl?

This is the question on many single people's mind.

Lately, God has taken me on a spiritual journey to help me understand how that question will one day be answered in my own life.

First, as Christians, we should realize that we will not be doing the finding. We have to let God do the picking.

Also, we should understand that our own decision may not be the decision that God wants for our life.

The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? Jeremiah 17:9

In Proverbs 18:22 the Bible says, "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord."

I believe this verse gives a key hint to all women...because who finds whom in this verse?

The man finds the wife.

It is becoming more and more acceptable within worldly views for girls to chase after and pursue guys.

In my opinion, godly men do whatever they have to do to get who they truly want, especially when they are seeking a godly wife.

I think that women should pray for a man to find her. When he does, God's hand in the relationship will be clear.

I also think that men should pray to find the woman that God want's for them.

So, although it is acceptable for girls to drop hints that they may be interested in a guy, in my opinion, it is still best to want the guy to make the first move.

This blog was written by Lori Johnson.

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World Record for Fastest Dining Experience

Hockeytown. Rock City. The 313. The Motor City. Motown.

The nicknames belong to Detroit, Michigan, one of the greatest places in the U.S.A. It's my hometown, and its known around the world for its rich culture, and rivalry with the other big boys on the block, like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

But what makes Detroit such a great place?

A lot of hard work, and a little creativity.

Let me show you.

There's this little place on Michigan Ave called The American Coney Island. It was founded by a Greek family in 1917, making it the oldest family-owned and operated restaurant in the city. If you don't know what a coney island is, you're in for a surprise.

So what's so unique about this restaurant? Well, it just might hold the world record for the fastest dining experience ever.
Once you're seated, the waiter memorizes your drink order. Now, maybe you've seen a few people who can memorize your drink order on the spot, so that's no big deal, right? Still, its pretty impressive, but that's not the reason why its so fast.

Less than a minute later, the waiter returns with your drinks. I'm saying a minute just to be safe, but when I was there last weekend he was back in about 30 seconds.

Okay, so that's 30 seconds, maybe a minute. Now he asks for your order. Here's where the American Coney Island differs from any kind of restaurant you've ever been to. The moment your done ordering, the waiter turns around, back to the table, and shouts the entire order at the top of his lungs across the room at the cooks.

What? Yes, that's right -shouts the entire order to the cooks, who have to multitask with whatever they're doing while simultaneously remember the entire order without writing anything down. There are no notepads at this restaurant; just a lot of skill, practice, and a little bit of creativity.

My food came back the table in less than 90 seconds. It's no joke; it was fully cooked, delicious coney island food, faster than any other sit-down, dining restaurant in the world.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Voices of Lee to join in Sing-Off

We've all heard them. We all know that they are definitely a talented group of people. And now they're asking us to support them on a quest to show mainstream America what they're made of.

That's right, Voices of Lee is taking on the challenge and joining in The Sing-Off.

The Sing-Off, hosted by Nick Lachey, is a nation-wide hunt for the best a capella group in America. Viewers call in to vote for their favorite group over the course of the four night event, which culminates in the two-hour live finale on Dec. 21.

I love listening to a capella groups, and I love supporting Lee University's talented students, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and support Voices in The Sing-Off (even though it's so tempting to vote for the Puerto Rican group; if you watch the show, you'll see what I mean).

If you'd like to show your support for Voices of Lee in The Sing-Off, you can join the Facebook group here.

You can also go on the show's Web site and vote for Voices in the preliminary poll.

Just be careful and don't let the home page of the Web site confuse you like it did me.

For the record, the show premieres on Monday, Dec. 14.

Happy singing, Voices, and good luck!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Sp0rts Bl0g - Issue 4

The sport's nation is so hyped about college football. Especially, around Lee, all I ever hear about is UT and Florida, Alabama and Auburn, LSU and Georgia and their chances this weekend. College football has truly swept the nation but it seems it's so much more popular in the "SEC Region"... as I like to call it. However, let me tell you why the OTHER college sport that just started this past weekend, college BASKETBALL, is the better sport for a fan and simply a better sport in general.

Now, any of you who have read any of my previous issues know I've already had my rant about how College football fails to qualify as a "fair" and "credible" sport... so I don't want to repeat that issue. But, I can't help but make it known that it's playoff system is completely flawed and it's disrespect to the smaller schools in the smaller conferences ruins the game must be mentioned once again. Let's move on to the sport that gets it right...

College Basketball. The same packed-house college atmosphere. The same community spirit feeling. The same crazy student section screaming their heads off during games. It's still college sports... the enthusiasm for basketball is just as great if not greater than the support for the football side of things. The thing that truly separates it from College football, and every other sport for that matter, is the field of 64 teams at the end of the year that get to duke it out for a chance at a championship. Yes, 64 teams get a chance at a championship... not 2... 64! Sounds much better doesn't it? Well, if you don't already know... it is.

The qualifications for the tournament are complicated and I don't want to bore you with it's statistics, but the point is... it's FAIR. Now, if you're asking me if teams are never disappointed or feel cheated when they don't get into the field of 64... that happens almost every year. There's always a handful of teams "on the bubble" that are either extremely happy or extremely sad depending on the Selection Committee's decision (once again, if you don't know the rules of the tournament, I encourage you to Google it). But the tournament of 64 teams brings on a sporting event unlike any other; MARCH MADNESS.

That's all I really have to say folks. March Madness... it's unlike any other. If you're not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and go check it out. Search YouTube videos of March Madness games... it'll blow you away. Some of the best basketball games you'll ever see. And that's the sports blog for ya...

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Friday, November 6, 2009

It's that time again!

I've been a Lee for four years now. Every year, we have to sign up for our classes for the next semester.

Especially this year, in my last semester, the decision of classes was the hardest. I mean, in a matter of 24 hours, I had to decide what classes I took in my last semester of my undergrad. ever.

Classes aren't a light decision for me, they are something I like to slowly take time to figure out and really give thought it.

You see, for me, I feel like Advanced Class Selection is like Christmas. Let me explain. I'm a big dork and I get really excited about picking new classes. Mainly because I like school supply shopping and picking classes gets me one step closer to school supply shopping.

Anywho, I feel like ACS always sneaks up on you, just like Christmas, you walk into the mall one day and, surprise, you feel like you missed the Christmas-decorating party.

The same with ACS, it's like, tada, it's time to register for classes..

At this point, seniors have already had their chance to register for classes first.
Juniors will be able to register through Nov. 10,
Sophomore's ACS will be open from Nov. 11 through Nov. 17
& Freshman's ACS will be open from Nov. 18 through Nov. 25.

Between Nov. 25 and Jan. 10, students will have the chance to confirm enrollment.

If you're still not sure how to get around portico and use Web adviser to build your class schedule, talk to your academic adviser or visit the online help guide at, here.

Also if you need more help, the records office suggests dropping them a quick e-mail. Comments/suggestions regarding registration, the add-drop process, Portico/WebAdvisor, or confirming enrollment? Email Records@Leeuniversity.edu and let us know your thoughts. (Keep it brief, to the point, and just the facts—no blame, no drama. Please!)

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Check your mailbox

Every time I go to my mailbox , I hope there will be something inside. Since I live three states away from home it is always nice to get a mail from my family. Sometimes it is just mail delivered to my home address that my parents think I might need. Yet, this semester I have been pleasantly surprised to receive at least three large envelopes from home.

For the past two months as I have gone to my mailbox in hopes of finding something there, I have noticed that the mailbox above mine has been full of mail.

There is an envelope in there that looks thick enough to be holding something important.

The ever-present mail has made me wonder. Does this person live off campus? Why else would someone not check their mailbox for two months? My curiosity is peeked by the unopened letters visible through the slot. Whenever this person finally does check their mail I hope they will not be disappointed to find time sensitive material inside.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tales of a Rockapella fanatic

For the past two years, I have faithfully been checking the Rockapella Web site every two weeks to see when they would be coming to my area (or at least somewhere remotely close to it). A few weeks ago, after two agonizing years and two failed attempts at attending a concert, my wait was OVER. ROCKAPELLA WAS COMING TO LEE!!!

I was never much into the boy bands growing up (even though I regretfully participated financially in the phenomenon). My mom’s generation had the Beatles and the current generation has the Jonas Brothers. I had Rockapella.

I am a hard core fan. I have all of their albums, except for one.

I have followed their career since their days on "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" when I would watch the show every day and hear Rockapella say, “There’s one more thing you have to do! You know what is!” And I would shout at the T.V. screen, “DO IT ROCKAPELLA!” while my dad was trying to mimic their bassist at the time, Barry Carl.

When I found out that they were playing in the Dixon Center, I got worried. The Dixon Center isn’t that handicapped accessible. I try to avoid going to chapel there because the only way I could see is if I went up the elevator to the second floor and sat in the very back (where I can barely see a thing).

A week after I found out Rockapella was coming, I called to see if I could arrange something to where I would be seated so I could see. I worked something out.

I counted down the days to the concert and even dressed up the day of the concert. This was how much I was looking forward to it.

When the day finally came, it went by very slow and I was too excited to eat.

I arrived at the Dixon Center at 5:15 to get my ticket and decided to stay in the lobby till after the concert.

A few minutes before we were allowed inside the auditorium, one of the members, Scott Leonard bolted out of the auditorium to speak with the people at the front desk. This proved to be a good thing because during the concert Scott remembered me from the lobby and waved at me from on stage!

Once I got seated in the front row, it hit where I was at and how blessed I was. God allowed me to see my favorite group for FREE.

Then the show started. Rockapella was on stage singing their songs and I’m singing along.

Before the show ended, the guys announced that they were going to do a meet-and-greet in the lobby. I was thinking, “Praise the Lord! I don’t have to pull the disability card to meet them!” (I rarely pull the disabled card.)

Meeting Rockapella and attending their concert was a wonderful experience. The guys were very genuine and we had a nice conversation, despite almost running into two of them while purchasing the album I didn’t have.

As I told my dad, my life is complete and I can now die a happy woman.

This blog was written by Leslie Hartman.

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Dear Dog Vomit Girl

So I have this dog named Toby. Toby has been with me for a year and a half and always seems to teach me things. Now this either says something about his intelligence...or mine. I was taking Toby outside one day and I as I was sitting there watching him roam around the yard I was contemplating life and getting frustrated by thinking about who I was becoming.

My thoughts were jolted as I noticed Toby throwing up in the yard, which for Toby isn't an unusual occurrence. Since it was in the yard I didn't worry about cleaning it up and as I was almost back to my contemplative state I noticed Toby going back to his vomit. I leapt off the porch in one fleeting moment and was by his side in a flash to encourage him away from the content that was formerly in his stomach. Whatever it was had made him sick, so there's no point in trying to re-digest it.

My thoughts immediately went to Proverbs 26:11 "As a dog returns to his vomit so does a fool repeat his folly." Then it hit me, this is exactly what I was doing. I was living my life wanting to change and be this great person that God wanted me to be, but I felt like I was getting hung up by the same things every time. Just like it's in Toby's nature to return to his vomit, it's like it was my nature to return to the very same things that I knew would hurt me or mess me up.

I think I even wrote in my journal one time, "Dear Dog Vomit Girl: You're doing it again..."

Months have passed since this initial realization, and some things have changed. Toby still throws up a lot, but he doesn't go back to his vomit. Something in his nature changed. And I have begun to think about God in this way too. I think many times He is sitting on the porch, just like I was, watching me roam around in the yard, and sometimes whenever I throw up something that has hurt me and made me sick it catches his attention. As I try and go back to it, He jumps off the porch and rushes to my side to lead me away. That way just as Toby learned not to return to his vomit so will I be changed by God as He leads me.

This blog was written by Ashley Gunter.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Better late than never

I was getting ready to take a walk with my roommate earlier this evening when I noticed a Facebook update from a friend about the wind ensemble concert in the Conn Center tonight.

I didn't even know the wind ensemble was giving a concert tonight. It came as such a surprise to me. I know those concerts are usually posted in places throughout campus, but I guess I was so busy this week that I didn't take notice of any of the fliers and such.

I thought to myself, "Man, I always seem to miss those!" And I posted something of that sort on the friend's status. My friend suggested I just come to the concert late.

So I did.

I and my roommate arrived at the Conn Center just in time to hear the last piece and the encore. I only wish I had been there for the whole thing. Let me just say that those 20 minutes were completely worth showing up for.

Dr. David Holsinger and the wind ensemble did a wonderful job, and I was personally thrilled by the prominence of the clarinets in the second movement of the last piece. The encore was equally magnificent, sending chills down my spine.

As the concert ended and we went on our way again, I made up my mind to come to future concerts and be on time. To my great delight, there was a schedule of concerts on the back of the program.

So for those of you who are like me and hate missing out on the ensemble concerts but can never seem to find out about them ahead of time, I am posting the concert schedule for the rest of the semester.

Oct. 21, 6 p.m.
Percussion ensemble concert
Directed by Andrew Harnsberger
Dixon Center

Oct. 27, 7:30 p.m.
Chorale concert
Directed by William Green
First Baptist Church

Nov. 10, 7:30 p.m.
Jazz ensemble concert
Directed by Alan Wyatt
Dixon Center

Nov. 17, 7:30 p.m.
Lee University Symphony orchestra concert
Conducted by William McNeiland
Conn Center

Nov. 21, 7:30 p.m.
Honor band concert
Conducted by David R. Holsinger
Conn Center

Nov. 23, 7:30 p.m.
Squires Hall recital
"Classical Jam"
Squires Recital Hall

Dec. 1, 7:30 p.m.
Wind ensemble concert
Conducted by David R. Holsinger
Conn Center

Dec. 6, 3 p.m.
"A Classic Christmas"
Conducted by William Green
Conn Center

Bookmark this page if you must, but be sure to attend at least one of these phenomenal performances. Hope to see you there!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

The weekend of perpetual events

The weekend is finally upon us, and any Lee student who complains of having nothing to do has no valid excuse this particular weekend.

Friday Oct. 9 and Saturday Oct. 10 are positively full of events on and off campus. Here are just a few of the things happening in the Lee community over the next few days:

Intramural softball tournament: Games starting at 8 p.m., 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. at Butler Field in front of Bowdle and O'Bannon. I hear there will be free food.

Shenanigans improv show: "There's no I in improv...oh wait." These guys are hilarious. For a good laugh and a fun time, come out to the Rose Lecture Hall in the DeVos Education Building at 9 p.m.

Dance Away the LRA: This ballroom dancing event at Studio 125 on Inman St. is to benefit a school in Uganda sponsored by Lee's chapter of Invisible Children. Cost is $5. More information about this event can be found at LeeClarion.com.

Benefit for the Broken: The apartment dorms of campus are sponsoring a concert to benefit various causes, including the Cleveland Emergency Shelter and a missionary in Haiti. The concert will be held in the Conn Center; admission is $3 or three cans of food.

Also this weekend, Endgame continues to play in the blackbox theater in the Vest Building. Shows are 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday night and 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon, and tickets are free to students.

Personally, I think I'll take in a little bit of softball then go to the improv show tonight. Tomorrow, well, I haven't decided yet. What are you doing this weekend?

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Half Way There

Students at Lee University wear many hats. Sometimes they are just students, but they are usually also tour guides, tutors, writers, and employees. Not to mention members of clubs, organizations and churches.

Now that students have reached the halfway point of the semester many may feel overwhelmed by everything that they are involved in. Many may be finding out that the “easy” class on their schedule will not be such a breeze after all. Between classes and other obligations , some maybe wondering if they will make it.
However, there are times when students need to just take a break. Whether that be watching your favorite show for an hour or taking a walk with a friend.
Balance is important to a student’s life. Academics should take precedence but students need to give themselves a chance to relax once in awhile to ensure that they enjoy their semester.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Sp0rts Bl0g - Issue 3

Well, it's been awhile since I last updated the hottest blog about national sports with a new issue. Okay, yeah, not the hottest blog. In fact, I'm not even sure if anybody is reading this. But nonetheless, the sports world is always rolling on. We are now through 4 weeks of the 2009-2010 NFL season, this is usually when you find out if your favorite team is "for real" or not.

Experts are beginning to sort out the true contenders from the rest of the pack. As a viewer, it's easy to see that the "great divides" in power rankings are starting to form. In honor of the NFL's season progressing well through the first 4 weeks, I am going to do something that will benefit any NFL fan.

I'm going to recap every single NFL teams' season so far. I'm going to tell you how good your team is and if it's "for real." However, here's the catch. It'll be the most simple summary you've ever seen in your life. Sure, I could ramble on about stats, records and history, but to be honest, it can all be bottled down in 7 words or less. That's right. Here's a 7 word summary for each team... telling you EXACTLY who they are; and maybe worse, who they're not. In alphabetical order, here we go:

Arizona Cardinals (1-2) - great QB, elite WRs, not much else
Atlanta Falcons (2-1) - promising young talent, great, not yet elite
Baltimore Ravens (3-1) - they have an offense now, very dangerous
Buffalo Bills (1-3) - good skill players, terrible 0-line, average d-line
Carolina Panthers (0-3) - old, going down the tube; fast
Chicago Bears (3-1) - great QB + average team = no playoffs
Cincinnati Bengals (3-1) - fantastic defense, underrated, make playoffs if healthy
Cleveland Browns (0-4) - rebuilding, bad... really bad
Dallas Cowboys (2-2) - overrated, overrated QB, bad coach, no playoffs
Denver Broncos (4-0) - stingy defense, but schedule gets tougher
Detroit Lions (1-3) - you can't lose them all!
Green Bay (2-2) - great QB, awful o-line will prevent success
Houston Texans (2-2) - if healthy, they will compete
Indianapolis Colts (4-0) - they look better than ever, that's scary
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-2) - great RB, not much else, we'll see
Kansas City Chiefs (0-4) - gonna be a long season in KC
Miami Dolphins (1-3) - QB out for year, looks dismal
Minnesota Vikings (4-0) - Favre looks good, but schedule toughens
New England Patriots (3-1) - they'll be fine, same old Patriots
New Orleans Saints (4-0) - very much legit, a scary team
New York Giants (4-0) - look great, they'll be playing in January
New York Jets (3-1) - best defense in the NFL, success coming...
Oakland Raiders (0-4) - worst QB... ever?
Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) - solid team, will continue to compete
Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2) - they'll be better as the season progresses
San Diego Chargers (2-2) - overrated, they're in trouble
San Francisco 49ers (3-1) - underrated, watch out, they're for real
Seattle Seahawks (2-2) - too bad they're never healthy...
St. Louis Rams (0-4) - just plain bad
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4) - see above
Tennessee Titans (0-4) - most disappointing team this year by far
Washington Redskins (2-2) - could they underachieve any more?

There you have it. Respond with comments, tell me what you think. And that's the sp0rts bl0g for ya...

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An editor's guide to Convocation

As we reach the halfway point of Convocation Fall 2009, I'd like to share a little about what I have learned from this year's services.

No, I am not going to recap the sermons or critique the music groups; I simply want to share my observations about seating.

Every student is different. Some of us like to sit in the balcony, some like to sit above the stage. Others prefer the main floor, while some have no preference at all.

When planning the time that you will arrive at Convocation, keep in mind where you want to sit. Especially this year, it seems that services are overflowing faster than normal. Allow me to elaborate on the times of arrival for each particular section.

Students who enjoy sitting on the main floor of the Conn Center should probably arrive at least 15 minutes early. If you want to sit with a group of three or more, I suggest sending a delegate at least 20 minutes early (if not earlier) to claim your seats.

Those wishing to sit in the balcony should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to service. By this time, the ushers are directing people upstairs because the main floor is full, with the exception of perhaps a few obscure individual seats. In the latter part of this time frame, the ushers open up the overflow above the stage for students to sit in as well.

By the time the worship service starts, the Conn Center is normally at capacity and finding seats is a challenge for even the keenest of I Spy aficionados. At this point, you will be told to filter into the Dixon Center to watch the service.

But don't think that going to Dixon Center guarantees you a seat! During the Monday night service, the Dixon Center hosted 570 students, some of whom were seated on the stairs.

So, when planning your Convocation experience, keep in mind where you want to find yourself seated. Hopefully these tips will help you to keep your mind focused on God and not on finding a seat!

Have a blessed rest of the week!

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Did you know 4.0

The updated, fall 2009 version of "Shift Happens" focus' on the convergence of personal life and social media technologies.

Can you imagine what your life would be without Facebook, e-mail or text messaging? You might have to talk to someone face to face!

See the "Shift Happens" video after the jump.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

Blood Assurance Art

Here are some photos from Shashank and Jennifer and my commentary on the wonderful Blood Assurance Truck.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Top ten greatest videos of all time

No matter how hard school gets, no matter what curveballs life seems to throw me, I can always rely on some old fashioned entertainment for comfort. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life on YouTube.com. I’ve developed hobbies, musical tastes, habits, and even life lessons from those unfortunate victims in the Fail Blog videos. So, here are my top ten best videos on YouTube.

1. Bernstein’s Diet Pills

2. Memory X

3. Kitchen Diaries

4. Faith SFX

5. Paper Towels

6. Oreo

7. Terry Fator

8. Movie Ideas

9. Fail Blog

10. Terry Tate Office Linebacker

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Monday, September 28, 2009

New Uses for Lee Clarion

This is a short blog video showing how two girls in Tharp Hall creatively decided to use their Lee Clarions.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Making a difference is not just for rock stars

By Taylor Mobley
I will be the first to admit that Bono is my hero. Although his status as the lead singer of U2, leather jacket, signature sunglasses, and rock star persona are appealing to a culture that idolizes the concept of “cool,” this is not what endears
him to me.

Bono has a heart. Speaking out for poor who cannot speak out for themselves has become who he is, reflected in his music as well as his lifestyle. He is unashamed. He is bold.

So often I put him on a pedestal, with his product (RED) line, books, and TV interviews. I think to myself, “Wow, he is really changing the world.”

I’ve never been on T.V., but I want to change the world too…

We cannot all be rock stars, speaking out about injustice to millions of adoring fans every night, using only a guitar and a microphone. We cannot all be missionaries or work for the Peace Corps, caring for the displaced in Africa or feeding the hungry in Asia.

Most of us will spend our days in the business world, climbing the corporate ladder or teaching kindergartners how to read.

It is so difficult not to get immersed in the world around us where our only frame of reference when it comes to hunger is the time we spent in college living off of Ramen noodles and Mac and Cheese. We forget so easily about the hunger, poverty and disease that ravages the world.

We must not allow ourselves to forget. To make a true difference on an everyday level, social justice cannot simply be an afterthought. It must become a lifestyle. It does not matter what your job is, where you live, or who you are, you can make a difference. When it comes to changing the world, a dentist in Michigan is just as important as a politician on Capitol Hill.

The fight against injustice begins by simply making people aware of the issues that are affecting people around the world.

For example, I bet you thought that slavery was abolished after the Civil War. As I learned recently at a human trafficking round table at the U.S. State Department, there are 12.3 million people worldwide, adults and children, enslaved into forced labor and sexual servitude.

Some of the most common forms of human trafficking enslave children as child soldiers, sex workers, and forced laborers. Many of these children slaves are either kidnapped or persuaded with false promises of a better life.

The idea of slavery produces certain images in my mind. I picture people shackled and chained, living behind bars, being forced to work. But,in the trafficking system, something more permanent than chains binds the victims to the abusive situation. Most of the enslaved have been abused in such a manner that they believe that they have no other option but to continue as they are in their situation. Those who enslave them create a sense of dependency that kills all hope of escape.

It is so easy to dismiss this crisis because it feels so far away, but the truth is human trafficking exists in the United States. Areas such as Houston and Atlanta are known to have underground trafficking networks.

Not only can you speak out against injustice, but you can also be an example through your choices. Choose to purchase goods that are guaranteed to have been produced without the use of slavery. Get involved with an organization, such a World Vision, that works to combat these wrongs through development and funding.

If you turn away, who will tell their stories? Speaking out against injustice does not require a particular college degree or occupation. It simply requires a bold heart.
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Voices celebrates 15 years with special guest

Cleveland mayor Tom Roland has proclaimed Sept. 20, 2009, to be Voices of Lee Day.

The mayor made the proclamation at the 15th anniversary celebration during the Sunday morning service at North Cleveland Church of God.

Voices of Lee alumni from past and present joined together to fill the sanctuary with the powerful music that the ensemble has become known for throughout Cleveland, the United States and worldwide.

The celebration also featured as a special surprise guest Southern gospel music legend Bill Gaither. Gaither was made an honorary citizen of Cleveland, Tenn., by the mayor.

Gaither spoke about the importance of harmony in the church and the body of Christ, then led the congregation and the choir in a traditional song.

See a video of Gaither and Voices of Lee after the jump.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alternatives to Chapel

Chapel is always a hot topic on Lee's campus.
Are you going to Dixon or Conn? Who's the speaker? Will you save me a seat?
However, there are also many students who are exempt from chapel because of work hours or because they are married. But what about the rest of us those, we who are busy in our own right and miss every now and then.
What if there was a way that you would never have to worry about being on chapel probation ever again?

No I am not suggesting that Lee suspend chapel services. Most of the time I enjoy chapel. What I'm suggesting actually requires a little more effort on the students part.

Every chapel service is recorded and available for download on the Lee University website for students to listen to. My proposal is that Lee give students a chance to "make up" missed chapels by listening to these podcasts.

However, Lee would need a way to keep track of the students that took advantage of this plan. Lee could develop a short quiz to go with each podcast. Just the basic points discussed, maybe even created from the speaker's notes. This way students would actually have to pay attention to the service, in exchange for getting a second chance at chapel credit.

Perhaps one day Lee will embrace such a plan, but for now all those who will be facing probation will just have to go to more services next month.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Michael Jordan inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame

By Christin Walker, Staff writer

The inevitable has happened. On Friday, Sept. 11, 2009, one of the greatest basketball players of all time was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Michael Jordan, the original 23, has officially been locked into the history of sports.

“I was hoping this day was coming in 20 more years, or that I’d actually go in when I’m dead and done,” said Jordan to a USA Today reporter.

Athletes like Kobe Bryant and Lebron James have been compared to Jordan, but it takes a special superstar to hit game-winning shots, endorse shoes with a moneymaking silhouette, advertise underwear, attempt semi-professional baseball, and save the planet from animated monsters in a cheesy children’s movie.

Jordan’s résumé is utterly unbelievable. He is a two-time Olympic gold medal winner with the U.S. basketball team, he successfully played 15 seasons in the NBA, and he has set numerous records that put most other players to shame. He once scored 69 points in a single game, and had a 45 point performance in an NBA final game while battling the flu.

Jordan’s prestige and appeal might have originated on the basketball court, but it eventually spread: advertisers like McDonalds, Coke, and Nike thrived upon his endorsements and support. From every angle, Jordan’s career can be considered a complete success.

Of all the possible candidates that Jordan might choose to present him during his Hall of Fame induction, he chose David Thompson, former star at North Carolina State. Jordan picked Thompson over predictable names like Phil Jackson, Dean Smith, or Charles Barkley, all of whom had close ties to Jordan and his successful career.

“I was kind of surprised, and also was really flattered that he chose me over Coach Smith. You know how important he is?” Thompson said.

Nicknamed “Skywalker,” Thompson was the big name in basketball, leading North Carolina State to a NCAA championship in 1974, before Jordan was even on the radar.

According to Hall of Fame personnel, Jordan is a huge fan of Thompson and requested him because of his inspiration, clearly not because of his alma mater. Thompson went on to play for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996.

Thompson is honored to stand alongside one of his fellow legends. “I’ve been smiling ever since [I was asked to present Jordan]. I’ve been telling people and they’ve been congratulating me like I was getting in. I’m already in.”

The general consensus on Lee’s campus is support for the legend’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

“It’s the greatest achievement that a professional basketball player can attain. It gives me great pride to say that he played at UNC, near where I’m from. I’ve seen his skills first hand, and he’s the most remarkable basketball player I’ve ever watched,” said Jonathan Sausedo, a junior.

Other students are excited about Jordan's achievement because it reminds them of their childhood memories.

“I want to go watch Space Jam right now! I used to love Jordan in that movie!” said sophomore Jason Morris.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Republicans Bake Sale for the Deficit

Lee students have a reputation for helping the community, but Lee University's College Republicans chapter has taken the idea of helping to a new level.

The group has researched the facts and in order to present them to the public they've stepped out into the community to raise money for the national deficit, selling one brownie at a time.

Watch the College Republican's bake sale for the deficit video after the jump.

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Nate Tucker Discusses Portico

This is an interview with Nate Tucker, Associate Director of IS&T at Lee University. In it he discusses the new Portico system and some new features that will be added to the system, such as Chapel attendance online.

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The Sp0rts Bl0g - Issue 2

This upcoming weekend is one of the most beautiful weekend in all of sports. College football rolls into the second week of its season, while the National Football League (NFL) finally kicks off.

This weekend brings back great memories of cool, crisp October and November days. The two different levels of football can entertain just about every fan, but the NFL has certain advantages that collegiate football can't touch.

Now, many of you are probably snarling at me. I come from Vermont, where the biggest local college football game consists of Maine at New Hampshire. Sure, Boston College isn't too far down the road, but since they play in the ACC... it's fairly irrelevant to Vermonters.

When I came to Lee, one drastic difference in the sports world was the passion for college football. It was something I'd never seen before. I realize its South Eastern Conference (SEC) territory down here, but the intensity for University of Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and some of the other major SEC schools was equivalent to the deadly rivalry between the Red Sox and the Yankees... and anyone from New England can back me up.

But, lets get down to business here. There's one major reason why college football can't touch the NFL is the playoff system. Go ahead, roll your eyes. So cliche, huh? But lets think about this. Let's use Week 1 of the college football season for example.

Two games in particular will be the focus of the rest of this blog. #16 Oregon went to #14 Boise State in Week 1. In a hard fought game, Boise State was able to pull it out in the end. The first half of this game was an "ugly" defensive battle filled with a lot of heart. #14 Boise State has some late scores of the 1st half to go into halftime leading 13-0. #14 Boise State held on, winning 18-9. #16 Oregon's season? OVER.

I mean, seriously?! The 16th ranked team in the nation doesn't receive the strength of schedule necessary to reach the "National Championship Game" without going winless. Oregon isn't in the strongest conference (PAC-10) and because they lost already... they can't be placed in the National Championship game. It's over for Oregon. It's a shame. They could play to the best of their ability and CRUSH everybody else on their schedule... their reward? Probably a BCS bowl... but certainly not the "National Championship Game." Why play the games?

Here's another great example. #3 Oklahoma was upset, 14-13, by a very underrated #20 BYU team. All the credit in the world should go to the #20 BYU team who physically dominated the game, to the point where they knocked out Heisman trophy winner QB Sam Bradford. Now, lets forget about that injury to Bradford for a minute. #3 Oklahoma has a very tough schedule. They play in the BIG 12, a tough conference with National Championship talent in teams like Texas. #3 Oklahoma's season? It's over! The biggest reason #3 Oklahoma lost the game? Probably because they lost their star QB in Bradford. If he doesn't get hurt, maybe they overcome #20 BYU's physicality and pull it out.

So, basically, in college football, it's 1 loss and you're done. Lets give a quick NFL example. Steelers beat the Titans last night 13-10 in overtime (OT). This opening game is quite possibly an AFC Championship game preview. And because the NFL is smart enough to have a playoff, that scenario is actually possible.

I don't care if I'm in the heart of the SEC and passionate college football fans. The bottom line is: until college football declares a playoff system, it can't be respected as a sport that properly rewards who the best teams are. And that's the Sp0rts Bl0g for ya...

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

One year and counting

After three years of hard work I have finally made it to the rank of senior. As I get used to the first semester with my new status , my thoughts run in a million different directions. Part of me is constantly looking ahead thinking about what kind of job I will have when I get out of college. Who will I work for? Where will I live? Do I have enough experience in my field?

Yet, another part of me looks back and wonders, “How did I make it here?” Every student has there “How I got to Lee” story and I am no exception. Basically, I wanted to attend a Christian school that offered journalism and was still close enough to home that I could drive back and forth.

The experience here has been great. I have learned so much about journalism in this past year. It’s amazing to me to think how little I knew, and how much I still have to learn before graduation. I have also learned a lot about life, and the way God works. What I had always heard is true. He does work in mysterious ways. When I think of all that has happened to bring me to this point, it truly is amazing.
However, right now I really just want to enjoy the moment I’m in. Being the news editor for the Lee Clarion and interning with the Cleveland Daily Banner are enough to keep my thoughts from wondering too far into the past or future. These positions remind me that this moment is determining the future that I’m planning. I want to enjoy every minute of my last year at Lee. I want to enjoy the friendships, the accomplishments, and the lessons.

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Tada.. here I am!

Just to clear a few things up...

Hello, I'm Michelle Bollman, the new managing editor of the Lee Clarion and apparently the "new Harrison Keely."

Though the managing editor of the newspaper changes like clockwork every few semesters, for some reason Harrison Keely became more than himself, he became a entire job description.

Yes, I have replaced Harrison, because he GRADUATED. Though we have the same job titles, I can assure you I won't "become" Harrison Keely over the next year.

Just to point out a few differences:
-I don't like to eat at the dining hall, therefore you will never see me picking up your plates to return them to their homes and, in that case, I most likely will not be able to tweet about what they made for lunch today or blog about how long that blue hanger has been in the cafeteria's men's bathroom.
-I don't ride a bike. I have a car. And personally, I think I should get a reserved parking space in the back of the PCSU, so campus safety if your reading this and see a green Ford focus parked illegally. PLEASE spare me. Please?
-I can't say I'm one to open doors. I usually fail to notice the people that are walking behind me.. therefore you most likely won't find me greeting you while holding open the Conn Center doors on the way into chapel.
-I usually don't find myself walking up to random people and striking up conversation, however, if you ever see me around don't be afraid to stop and introduce yourself!
-And last, but not least, I don't take pictures or record random videos. I'm sorry, but your memories will be archived through the photography team, not myself, but you'll still be able to find all event photos on the Lee Clarion Facebook page!

Don't get me wrong, I miss Harrison as much as the next person... but it's time he bless another city! Let it be said, let it be done. NO-HARRISON-MISSING!

So next time I'm introduced to you as "the new Harrison Keely" at least try to remember my name... for the record, it's Michelle.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Who's afraid of the big bad swine?

My visit home this weekend took a very unexpected turn when my friend from UTC who gave me a ride from Cleveland to Winchester (and who had been suffering from a sinus infection the past few days) was told by her doctor that she actually had swine flu.

I had been in a car with her for three hours. Medically and scientifically, there was no way I was going to be spared. So my family and I quarantined ourselves for the weekend.

Thankfully, God has blessed me with a spectacular immune system, and I did not get sick from my time with my friend.

Even though the H1N1 virus is indeed a very real thing, I think we are giving it a lot more power than it deserves by panicking at the very mention of it. In reality, most cases are actually milder than the seasonal flu that goes around each winter.

We don't need to be afraid of the swine flu; we just need to know the facts. So here are a few facts from the Center for Disease Control's Web site.

Fact: H1N1 (swine flu) is contagious. It spreads just like the seasonal flu strain we've been dealing with for years.

Fact: "Most people who have been sick have recovered without needing medical treatment."

Fact: One can help prevent the spread of H1N1 and the seasonal flu virus by taking precautions such as covering one's mouth when sneezing or coughing, washing one's hands frequently, avoiding touching one's eyes, mouth or nose, and avoiding contact with sick people.

More information about the H1N1 virus is available at http://www.cdc.gov/H1N1flu/qa.htm.

Also, something that I learned from my experience: an RN in my family assured me that if I were going to get sick, I would show symptoms in 24-48 hours.So if you find out you have been exposed to the virus, you might want to take extra precautions (drink lots of fluids, increase Vitamin C intake, try to limit social contact) during that time period to further reduce your chances of getting sick.

And, as always, praying for protection doesn't hurt, either. I feel like God gave me a supernatural flu shot this weekend!

Be smart this flu season and you'll be just fine.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

New kid on the block

Detroit, Michigan.

As I order my chick-fil-A sandwich with two moist pickles, I realize how far away from home I really am.

As a transfer student, I am at odds with my peers. Academically, I am junior with an Associate’s Degree, yet socially, I appear as a freshman, confused, curious, and occasionally lost. On my first day as Life Editor for the Lee Clarion, I became the laughingstock of my peers when it was discovered that I did not know the names of any buildings on Lee.

Other unfortunate circumstances included famous freshman antics, such as asking, “When is chapel?” “Why can’t I log on to any computers?” “Where is room 102?” and “Why is there no parking?”

Speaking of freshman, I have the privilege this year of joining most transfer students in the pleasure of taking a few freshman classes that didn’t transfer with my credits. Among them, my Foundations of Western Culture class is quite the trip. I feel slightly powerful yet slightly stupid as I sit in a class with recent high school graduates who have never taken a college course.

Sadly, these instances are the only times when I get to feel like I actually know what I’m doing. Being new to not only Lee but the Cleveland area, I frequently find myself at odds with directions, knowledge of helpful places such as barber shops, and the dramatically slower pace of life — and, more importantly, driving — associated with the south.

Still, my memories of good times back at home give me some small amount of satisfaction. As I watch one of my favorite videos on youtube, I am reminded of my friends and I huddled around a computer screen, laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculousness of Bernstein’s Diet Pills.

Even if I am the only one making fun of your driving on the way to school, it gives me pride to say that I am from Detroit, where the weak are killed and eaten.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sp0rts Bl0g

Welcome back Lee students! I'm sure your summer was as great and eventful as mine; but don't worry, if it wasn't, the sports world's summer certainly was.

This new blog will be the basis of all things sports and whatever opinion I may have about them. Occasionally, Lee sports might be the topic of the blog as well.

This blog being a recap of the summer's events, it will slightly differ from the others in the future. But that's enough of formatting and logistics, lets get on with the recap.

The summer started fast with the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Orlando Magic in 5 games to capture their 15th NBA title. The championship also thrusted future Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson into the number 1 spot for most NBA titles, as a coach, with 10. It sure helps when you have Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant on all your championship teams though.

Major League Baseball (MLB) was also getting into full swing. On June 4th, Randy Johnson collected his 300th career win when the San Francisco Giants defeated the Washington Nationals 5-1. Johnson became the 24th pitcher in MLB history to reach the remarkable feat; just the 6th left-handed pitcher.

The Giants weren't done making history however, as another left-handed pitcher, Jonathan Sanchez, thrust his name into MLB record books with a no hitter. Sanchez, 26, was looking to solidify his spot in the starting rotation as his last few starts were sub-par to say the least. He showed the Giants pitching coaches why he should stay in the rotation with the first Giants no-hitter in 33 years. To make the story even more special, his dad, a native of Puerto Rico, was able to be in attendance to watch history being made by his son. It was the first time the father was able to watch Sanchez in person; only God could plan that.

Not to be outdone, just 12 days later, on July 23, Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox achieved the ultimate greatness for any pitcher - throwing a perfect game! Buehrle became just the 18th pitcher in MLB history to get every single batter out that faced him. No runs. No hits. No walks. Nothing. Perfect.

Unfortunately for Major League Baseball, the scandalous performance enhancing drug (PED) situation continued to rear it's ugly head this summer. David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, two of the top sluggers in baseball, were newly connected to testing and using PEDs. Now, this doesn't mean they are 100% guilty, but the fact that they were connected casts another dark shadow upon the best players in the game today.

As the summer rolled into August, training camps of the National Football League (NFL) began. Quarterback (QB) Brett Favre decided yet again he was not done playing football, and after weeks of behind the scenes negociating, Favre decided he would play for the Minnesota Vikings. Since then, Favre has only taken 8 snaps from under center in a pre-season game. The Vikings success and season with their new QB should be watched closely this season.

Another QB made his return to the NFL this summer... but through a much different route. Michael Vick finished serving his 23 month jail sentence in July; for being involved in a dog-fighting ring. After being reinstated back into the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles took a chance and signed him to a 2 year deal. Vick is playing his first NFL football, since being in jail, in a preseason game tonight, August 27, against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is another interesting story to watch throughout the year.

Another popular news story in football this summer came from the former Super Bowl Champ wide receiver (WR) Plaxico Burress. The former New York Giant WR was indicted and is about to spend 2 years in jail for carrying a loaded gun into a New York night club. Oh, by the way, the only reason they found the gun was because Burress shot himself in the foot by accident. Ouch... although I'm not sure what hurt more: his foot, or his pride.

Also, the
6'5 freak of nature (and I mean that in the most respectable way possible) from Jamaica, Usain Bolt made sports news this summer. He broke the 100m and 200m world records in track and field just a few weeks ago in Berlin. This guy is NUTS! I encourage you to YouTube some of his races. It looks like he's jogging out there. A great story.

All in all, it's been a great summer of sports. Plenty of other important stories, Steve McNair's shocking death, Tiger Woods not winning any of the 4 majors this year, and the US men's soccer team failing to lock up a early spot in the World Cup by losing to Mexico, were prominent to the sports world.

I'm sure there are other sports stories that were worth mentioning, but these are the most significant stories to me. And that's the Sports Blog for ya...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A bit of practical advice

Tomorrow morning, hundreds of students will fill Lee's classrooms to begin a new semester of learning.

As most freshmen and transfer students have already found, though, the learning actually began the moment they stepped on campus.

Now that orientation is over, the parents are gone and the new students are free to do what they want, I'd like to share a few practical pieces of advice that maybe the orientation packet didn't quite cover.

1. Pedestrians do have the right of way.
Drivers, this means that sometimes you will have to stop (especially during class changes). Please don't run us over.
Walkers, as tempting as it is, don't just dart out into the road assuming that the driver will stop. I know it's not always convenient to use the crosswalks, but if at all possible, please do!

2. Beware the golf carts.
Most of Lee University's carts are safe to drive on the roads, but a few are still limited to sidewalks. And they do have a tendency to take up the entire sidewalk. Just be a cognizant walker and don't let one sneak up on you. (Bicycles also tend to do this, but they can more easily pass.)

3. Get used to waiting in line.
Registration is like a boot camp for line-waiting. Once you make it through this week, you will be a seasoned veteran. Which is good because 10 to 1 you will be waiting in another line very soon. Whether at a free food event or just trying to get your card scanned after chapel, Lee students receive a lot of practice in the art of waiting.

4. Free food is a blessing.
Meal plan or no meal plan, college kids flock to free food events. I am pleased to report that, for the most part, all of the free food around here is quite delicious! My personal favorites are when the diversity clubs such as International Student Fellowship put on events; be sure to check those out!

5. Carry a jacket if you tend to get cold.
Lee University seems to have this odd equation for regulating indoor temperature: if it's really hot outside, it has to be exceedingly cold inside. This is great when you're just passing through a building on a hot August day, but when sitting through 50-minute classes, it can be a bit bone-chilling. If you like staying warm, just stick a sweater in your backpack.

6. Always carry your ID card.
Those of us living on campus need them to get into our dorms. But you also never know when a Campus Safety officer might just walk up to you to make sure you have proper ID on your person. Trust the voice of experience, save yourself the lecture and carry the card.

7. Use your chapel skips wisely.
Always plan on going to more chapel services than you have to. That way, if something comes up (or maybe one day you just don't feel like going), you can evade probation for one more month. Thankfully, we can now check chapel attendance on the new Portico system.

8. Ask questions.
If you don't understand something, don't know where something is or can't figure out why or how something happens, just ask! Lee University is one of the friendliest communities you'll ever live in; take advantage of it! And don't be freaked out if someone comes up and asks if you need help; it probably means you have a dazed and confused look on your face and you should have asked about an hour ago. Hopefully none of you will get to that point, though!

9. When it comes to service hours, just do it.
Ten hours each semester really isn't that bad. The projects that the Leonard Center arranges throughout the semester are actually really fun! The worst part is having to write the 2-page paper, and even that isn't as bad as it could be. People at the Leonard Center are there to help you if you need to get jump-started. And the sooner you write it, the sooner you can get back to whatever you were doing before. You might just catch the service bug and volunteer all semester long!

10. Study hard, but take breaks.
It is scientifically proven that study breaks improve the quality of study. Take a 15-minute break every hour or so. That's plenty of time to run to Jazzman's to get a drink or just chat with a friend down the hall! Some of the best learning experiences happen outside the classroom and the study room. Just be sure to return to those books!

Most importantly, though, don't forget to pick up a copy of the Lee Clarion when you see a new one on stands! The Lee Clarion is published every other week with the first issue hitting stands Aug. 21.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

It's not a good month...

Lets face it. Being in the public eye in any form within the last month has only proved to lead to bad news.

Wonder how long this will continue.

Here in The Washington Times newsroom, we've come to expect deaths to come in groups of threes. After the most recent death of former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, it has rounded off the third group of three in the last month.

Here are a list of 'notable' celebrities that have died within the last month:

David Carrodine, 06.03.2009
Ed McMahon, 06.23.2009
Farrah Fawcett, 06.25.2009
Michael Jackson, 06.25.2009
Billy Mays, 06.28.2009
Fred Travalena, 06.28.2009
Karl Malden, 07.01.2009
Steve McNair, 07.04.2009
Robert McNamara, 07.06.2009

The crazy thing happens to be that there were only six significant celebrities that died in the first five months of the year.

The sad thing however, is that it's not only celebrities that have been under fire the last month.

The world of politics has been in an uproar also.

It all started when Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) admitted to having an affair on his wife with one of his staffer's wives, earlier in June. Then came Gov. Mark Sanford's (R-SC) disappearance from his home state of South Carolina, only to turn up after a trip to Argentina, it comes out later that day that he has been having an affair on his wife also. Next comes Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) and her surprise resignation.

Not even touching on the fact that Obama's approval rating has started to decline, only six months after being named the 43rd president of our great United States.

Beyond that, the news has been plagued with terrible images from election protests in Iran and now ethnic protests in China!

I must say, summers are usually slower for news to come in, however, this summer is something completely different. It's been a roller coaster ride, and we're only half way through.

I've heard that there has also been some news-making on Lee's campus as well.. don't worry it's been the good kind of news! Have you seen the AMAZING half-done Science and Math building that will be open for class in a little over a month?


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Didn't we have this problem last year?

I guess, students are more vulnerable during the summer months. Once we check out our brains for our three-month vacation, all hope is lost.. and all common sense for that matter.

Apparently, this is prime-time for making unsuspected students give e-mail account information and passwords away freely.

Assistant Director of IS&T Operations, Chris Golden sent an e-mail today to students across campus warning them of a e-mail scam asking students for their usernames and passwords, in order for Lee's IS&T department to gain access to their e-mail accounts for maintenance.

In the e-mail Golden urges students "Please. Please, do not give you password to anyone through email. Please. We can only do so much to protect you, we need your help. Please."

He stated that IS&T has other ways of accessing student's e-mail accounts for maintenance without asking for password. He asked if anyone is asked for their passwords and they think it is 'legit' to call him at 614-8536.

He then reminded, "Never give anyone your password."

The below message is an example of a spam message that Golden tells students not to respond to.

"This email is not from Lee University IS&T. If you have fallen victim to this phishing email, please reset your password immediately.
Subject: Please Confirm Your Account

Dear Lee University OWA Subscriber,

We are currently carrying-out a maintenance process to your Lee Email account. To complete this process you must reply to this email and
enter your Current User Name here ( ) and Password here ( ) if you
are the rightful owner of this account. Our Message Center will confirm your identity including your Secret Question and Answer immediately.

The new 2009 Lee Webmail is a fast and light-weight application to quickly and easily access your e-mail. This process will also help us to fight against spam mails. Failure to submit your password, will render your email address in-active from our database.

You can also confirm your email address by logging into your Lee Webmail account at: https://owa.leeuniversity.edu/exchange/

NOTE: You will be sent a password reset messenge in next seven (7) working days after under going this process for security reasons.

Thank you for using Lee Webmail!



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Monday, June 22, 2009

Shade returns to the Ped Mall

Remember all the hoopla about the eight trees at the Alumni Amphitheater being axed? In fact, you can read the whole blog post here.

Well, here's a shot of the amphitheater's new style: Six fresh saplings firmly planted as replacements. Read More......

Cross Hall door shattered

The front door of Cross Hall, a female dorm at Lee University, was found shattered over the weekend.

The glass door, leading to one of the building's stairways, is currently roped with caution tape. Read More......

Perez Hilton vs. Will.i.am

If you haven't heard the latest about Perez Hilton, an infamous Hollywood blogger known for being brutally honest to celebrities, vs. Will.i.am, a member of the Black Eyed Peas, then you obviously don't have a Twitter account.

Waking up to the trending topic "Perez Hilton" was enough to immediately make me go to his Twitter page, read his side of the feud from last night, via Twitter's 140 character count, and then click the "follow" button, directly underneath his picture.

According to Hilton, the bickering began when Black Eyed Peas member Fergie confronted him during a dress rehearsal for Canada's Much Music Awards on Saturday evening. She, as well as the other members of the group were upset at Hilton for him weighing in on his opinion of the group's latest album, apparently not as favorably as the group would have liked.

Will.i.am, however, had been left out of the Twitter circle of friends, and finally joined Twitter, about seven hours ago.

Only about twelve hours after the initial incident occurred, both Hilton and Will.i.am released video statements about what happened outside of the Canadian nightclub.

Take whichever side you want, I don't care.

What am I aggravated about, you ask?

Will.i.am, doesn't even know the Twitter lingo yet. Pssh. He repeatedly referred to the verb "tweeting" or "twittered" as "twited" and "twiting." That's definitely not AP style.

I'm just saying, there is something that rubs me wrong about these two words. heh.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

How to: Download a free copy of commencement.

So you graduated, and your great uncle saw the whole ceremony online, but you just didn't have the funds to invest in purchasing a DVD for posterity...

What then?

Thankfully, Lee University has done all grads and their families a huge favor by putting a video of the commencement and commissioning online at iTunes U. for easy access to all. It's completely free to download. Just click here.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Remember my post that I wrote just a few short days ago, comparing TWT to the Lee Clarion?

I have another reason... THERE'S A MOUSE UNDER MY DESK.

Well, a least I hope he's still there, because if he's not there still, that means he's gotten brave and ran somewhere else. But the one thing I can be sure of, is that there is a mouse (at least one) in this newsroom.

It's not even like a cute little cartoon mouse that you see in Disney's Cinderella, but a big mouse, a rat, a rodent, something of the sort with four creepy little feet and creepy little whiskers. It's gross.

I know the picture may seem a little far fetched, but those are the Cinderella mice; they are cute. This mouse is not. It's ugly. I would have taken a picture of him, but I've been sitting on TOP of my desk so I won't be able to see him if he decides to make another surprise appearance.

The fear of putting my feet back on the ground is enough to get to me.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Congrats, Tenn.

Tennessee did something right! Thanks mostly in part to the Chattanooga area, Tennessee has received the Gold Shovel Award.

The award is presented annually to a state that has excelled in job creation.

According to the press release by the Associated Press, the award was received heavily because of the job creation the Volkswagen Group is bringing with nearly 2,000 new jobs to the area.

You can read the entire story on the Gold Shovel Award presented to the state of Tennessee, here.

Things are finally looking up for Lee grads... at least if you can't find a job in your field, there will be SOMETHING in the area available.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tweet all about it

The AP Stylebook. The center of every good journalist's life. The writing bible. Extra reading for reporters. The holy grail.

In the most recent edition, the 56th update of the book, along with other modifications, the Associated Press added the word "Twitter" to the book.

I believe this gives us, as journalists, not only the right to tweet like there is no tomorrow, but now we can also talk and write about Twitter, or our tweets for that matter. And the best part about it is that we won't offend any Associated Press style police.

The Stylebook cites that the verb forms of the word "Twitter" are "to Twitter" or "to Tweet." According to the book, the word Twitter is a noun that "refers to the online social-networking mode that limits communications to 140 characters or less."

A full article about the announcement of the updated AP Stylebook can be read, here.

In fact, the AP Stylebook has its own Twitter, and has jumped nearly 1,000 followers since the news of the updated edition of the Stylebook was announced Tuesday night.

Follow the Associated Press Stylebook, by clicking here. From what I can tell, maybe they'll give you a few AP Style pointers when you're in a bind!
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