Friday, December 19, 2008

The Top Ten Lee U. YouTube videos.

The following top ten represent the best videos about Lee on YouTube. To see the top ten funniest Lee YouTube videos, click here.

10: An Informal Lee Tour

With upbeat music and excited students, the video lives up to its name. Jumping between locations like the Conn Center, a dorm room and the dining hall, it gives perspective students a bit more of a realistic view of what the campus is like in just three minutes. Oh, and if you're prone to seizures, you may want to skip the camerashake at the two minute mark.

9: The Equality Ride at Lee

As a documentation of history in television news format, the Soulforce video shows a rare organized challenge to campus beliefs and how the university responded to it.

8: President Conn greets students

Dr. Conn attempts to reach potential students in the Web 2.0 era with this YouTube video. At times it's an awkward one-sided conversation as Dr. Conn shows off a closed food court and empty classroom. Favorite line? "You're gonna miss your mother's home cooking, but you'll find plenty to eat here."

7: Video letter to home

Using basic iMovie effects and looped music, a new freshman sends a friendly video letter to her friends back home, encouraging them to come to Lee. With a dose of reality but a sense of escapism, the letter doubles as a recruiting reel that seems genuinely motivated.

6: Dorm Wars Promo

All the exciting activities of the annual Dorm Wars combination paired with upbeat Christian rap music and out-of-date Walker Arena footage makes for an exciting reel. It's a lot of fun packed into a short video. Unfortunately, after a while it tends to get repetitive. Don't miss: Phil Cook with glasses.

5: Snowconn

Bradley News TV captured the perfect memory of Lee students with one of the rare snow days that comes only once every few years. The Dr. Paul Conn Snowman proved to provide the most Kodak moments ever for a single day in the whole town of Cleveland, or so it seemed.

4: Gateway 2007 Intro

That was possibly the fastest recruitment video I've ever seen. Enough footage was packed into one minute to give a headache, but instead, it provided a really quick glimpse into what Lee's campus is like without a single word.

3: Secrets Video

Part of the Becoming chapel service video series, the Becoming video powerfully showed another side to Lee. It's a side that rarely raises it's head. A side of fear, disappointment, ugliness, sadness and sin. On a Christian campus where it's easy to sweep things under the rug, Campus Pastor Jimmy Harper did the impossible and reached out to students and their needs on a real level. The video is the most truth-packed emotionally-charged clip ever to be produced on Lee's campus.

2: Lee Day Weekend Promo

A stop-motion masterpiece, the promo brilliantly follows a Lee Day invitation into a student's hands and beyond. The time involved in making such a short one-minute clip had to be tremendous. Not to mention the effects are wicked awesome. If I could fly at Lee and be a male living in a Brinsfield Row apartment furnished like a palace, I would sign up for the weekend in a heartbeat.

1: Summer School

Forget the cheesy acting and focus on the perfect music and hilarious cameos from Phil Cook, Dr. Carolyn Dirksen and others. Sure, swimming in the fountain and sunbathing with administrators and teachers might be farfetched. But forgive me if this video actually makes washing the campus trolley and mowing Alumni Park look like awesome fun. You'd think that summer school at Lee only admits one student by the end of the clip, though. And that's the beauty of it.

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