Monday, December 15, 2008

Top Ten: Funny Lee YouTube Videos

Here they are, the top ten funniest YouTube videos from Lee University:

10: Last Day of School Dance

It's easy to get excited on the last day of school, but Nathan Prince takes it to the max, rocking out in his dorm room. His crazy dance moves combined with the constant giggling of the cameraman makes for an instant classic, to be watched on the final day of every school year.

9: Medlin Hall Rap Party

Nothing says "I want to be the next president of the United States" like the chairperson of the Lee College Republicans rapping "My name is Cameron. I'm a Republican." Two white guys trying to rap over an amazing improvised and energy-packed beat in Medlin Hall, what could be better?

8: OB4 I Want it That Way

Several guys from O'Bannon Hall take on pop music in this music video filmed around the dormitory. Best cameo appearance: Jason Moore, O'Bannon's resident director, jumping out of the door, demanding "Tell me why!" Perhaps one of the funniest things is the inconsistent widescreen. Watch the black bars change in size between shots.

7: Put Your Harry Potter Book Down

A truly freakish and scary madman (likely woman) stalks two Sharp-Davis residents as they "go upstairs to read Harry Potter." It's probably the best murder mystery ever filmed on Lee's campus, accented by perfect use of "Psycho" music. And who would ever suspect that the toilet paper box on the stairs was hiding a killer?

6: How to Avoid Being Hit by a Golf Cart

Jonathan Smith's class video project flips back and forth between viewpoints from students and (the infinitely more comic) faculty representative Phil Cook. Oh, and it's worth seeing the dramatization of Ben Pressley being hit by a golf cart. You'll want to play that back over and over again.

5: Barbie Girl

Leave Lee University girls alone in a campus apartment with a stationary camera and watch what will happen. A perfectly orchestrated music video to "Barbie Girl" featuring two girls portraying "Ken," is a fantastic reminder of what happens when professors don't assign enough homework.

4: Bad Date

It's not just a bad date, it's a bad movie. In fact, it's probably the most horrific thing ever to be filmed on Lee's campus. That's what makes it so funny. The constant shouting of "Go!" along with other director commentary such as "Walk away" or "Look in the mirror" add so much to the otherwise poor and desperate scenes.

3: Sparta at Nora Chambers

It's finally become evident why guys on campus are so crazy about Lee University ladies. Or, why Nora Chambers residents are just crazy. From the costumes to memorable lines like "A bathing suit of skulls!" the video, filmed entirely in a dorm room, is a magical departure from the usual stressed-out Facebook-checking students so traditional today. In fact, if you watch one, you have to see the sequels (part two) and (part three).

2: Caroler Goes Driving

The caroler figures from the School of Music building have been comic scapegoats for years now, showing up everywhere from concerts to strange locations around campus. In this simple but magnificent piece, one of the female carolers takes a spin around campus in the Symphonic Band truck. It's so wacky and odd that it's brilliant. The music was also a perfect choice for the video which may have been the best spent minute and sixteen seconds of my life.

1: Medlin Transformers

Despite the boring and ugly opening and closing of the film, the video is perhaps the best coordinated video ever to be made at Lee. With powerful music and lyrics, clever and creative special effects, and of course those amazing "swoop" noises made every time an arm moves through the air, Transformers holds the title of best humorous Lee YouTube video. The Conntron and costume changes are my personal favorites, not to mention the awesome moves. It's difficult not to believe anyone got hurt during filming, it's that good.

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